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Work made easy with Hive

Work made easy
with Hive

Multi-step projects
made easy

Simple workflows for complex approvals. Powerful proofing and annotation tools. Use project and action templates for repeatable steps to cut down your work in half.

Plans with progress

Set, track, and optimize goals for your team and across your organization. Keep everyone on the same page as goals evolve.

Get your team to work

Staff projects in a few clicks. Keep track of how your team is doing with time sheets and time tracking. Optimize your project and task delivery.

Understand what your team is up to

Regardless of location or team structure, Hive helps you stay connected in one central location. Track progress across your workspace and team.

Visualize progress with one click

Limit manual requests and updates with 24/7 project status and reporting. Leverage our existing dashboards or create your own. Export and report on project activity.

Project managementon autopilot

Manage and streamline work with HiveMind and AI Assist. Create documents, kickstart projects, and more.

Project views that work for you

Gantt View
Kanban View
Table View
Calendar View
Portfolio View
My Actions

Visualize complex timelines

Map out project timelines, track baselines, and execute comprehensive plans in Gantt view. Quickly understand how your team is pacing and who is responsible for which tasks.


Track actions over time

Utilize Kanban view to understand action progress and visualize initiative progress. Drag and drop tasks to mark them as In Progress, Completed, or Unstarted.


Traditional Excel-like snapshot

Lay out actions in Table view to easily sort and filter them according to needs and preference. Columns can be re-arranged or toggled on and off for your preferences.


Map deadlines on a calendar

Visualize all the actions in your project organized by deadline. Simply drag and drop to change an action's deadline. The default view shows all actions due for the next six weeks.


Consolidate project and action progress

Get a birds-eye-view of actions and tasks across projects. Add projects, actions, and custom fields to your Portfolio view to fully customize it.


Your personal to-do list

All of the actions assigned to you grouped neatly into one easily accessible view. Quick-click into each action to view the description, specifics, and any other relevant information.


Plans mean nothing without a goal

Give everyone a sense of purpose and set goals for your team, department or entire company.


Clarity across your
entire organization

Quickly gain visibility of how projects are progressing, who’s working on what and where you stand with your tasks.


Leave all meetings
with an action plan

Turn your meetings into engaging, interactive affairs, and always leave with clear next steps thanks to Notes and Hangouts.

Put an end to creative blocks with HiveMind,
the first-of-its-kind AI assist.

Put an end to creative blocks with HiveMind, the first-of-its-kind AI assist.

HiveMind-powered Notes deliver higher converting content in seconds. Email subject lines with your highest open rate. Copy translated into 26 languages. And the perfect response to that one message you’ve put off answering. Give your new writing buddy a try!

your own way of working

Use cases for every team

Align on project goals, timeline, scope and objectives in one central location. Manage your project and tasks across your team.

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All the tools your organization needs to succeed in one place. Align on marketing goals, programs and campaigns across the entire organization.

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Whether it’s a one-person design team, or a team of 100, Hive has the features your design team needs. Streamline all files and updates in Hive, including design files, attachments, feedback, proofing and more.

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Plan and track goals across your company in Hive. Keep everyone on the same page by simplifying budget tracking and reporting.

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Streamline client intake, requests, campaigns, and reporting with Hive. Use proofing and approvals to centralize all client materials and track change requests.

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Utilize Hive to bring together teams across your organization. Track big-picture goals, export data, and analyze progress.

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Integrates with all your other tools

Forget toggling between six different tools to gather the information you need. With Hive, you can utilize over 1,000 integrations to bring information into one centralized dashboard for maximum efficiency.


Learn from high-performing teams

Teams all over the world use Hive to move faster. We’re proud to help non-profits, universities, hospitals, creative teams, and some of your favorite consumer companies stay on top of their work. Every team works differently and uses Hive in their own unique way to streamline their processes.

Boston College

“Hive was and is the only product that that delivers exactly the tools and features a fast-moving marketing team like ours needs.”

TWIST Creative

“Hive has been a complete game changer – a year ago work from home would have been much more difficult…”

Reichman Jorgensen

Forms and templates in Hive have helped us take on new business at a rapid pace.”


“When we heard about Hive, we knew that we’d found the solution to our resourcing and project management woes.”

See for yourself why successful teams move faster in Hive.

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