Product Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap Template

If you’re trying to launch a new product and want to keep on top of the many challenges you’re going to face along the way, then you’ll find this project template very helpful. Our Product Roadmap Template will allow you to clearly and efficiently map out the vision you have for your product. You’ll find it easy to get to grips with your product direction and  monitor progress on both a real-time and large-scale basis. Whether that’s with our selection of project views or our high-level summaries, you’ll be able to track your product’s progress as it makes its way to the official launch — avoiding major headaches along the way and instead focusing on the task at hand.

Ultimately, we’ve made this template because we understand how vital it is that your product team have access to a solid roadmap so that they not only know exactly what is required of them but also so they can effectively communicate the long term future and direction of their work to any stakeholders. This template provides you with a strong framework to build upon so that this necessity becomes a reality — simply fill in project details and break down long term goals into step by step phases and sub-phases.

With a massive project, the closer you can get to step by step planning the better, so be sure to utilize the customization Hive offers to the fullest to personalize this template to your project. This has the side effect of really bolstering your teams productivity — as team members are assigned to individual roles they can really see how their work affects the project at large. Not only does this make them more accountable, but it also helps make it their project too, bringing everyone together and working towards a common goal.

No matter the size or scope of your product launch, or even if you’re launching multiple products at once, this Product Roadmap Template offers you all of the tools you’ll need to see it through. It doesn’t have to be a super long term roadmap either — sometimes you need to rush something to market as soon as possible, and this template is perfect for breaking shorter projects into bite sized chunks so you can work efficiently to meet a tight deadline. The key to this is taking advantage of the wide assortment of tools at your disposal to analyze progress on the project, from view modes to reports to analysis tools.

Don’t forget to keep a regular eye on the team view either, as it’s an invaluable look into the day to day assignments of your team members. This is a huge help when you want to take a daily look at activity, but it’s also invaluable if you need to try and fix problems meeting deadlines. Sometimes even the most detailed plans need to adapt to real world pressures, and the team viewer is a great way to get an overall look at your resource allocation so you can identify which parts can be shuffled around to meet tight deadlines or solve workflow problems. In a project as time sensitive as a product launch, it’s imperative to manage your time efficiently and know where your resources are allocated at any given time.

Keeping your eye on a lot of different moving parts is the key to managing dynamic projects. With the Hive toolset, you have access to a number of different ways of viewing how your project is progressing short and long term. Here are a few tools and how to think about using them:

  • The Gantt Chart is ideal for long term project health. It’s the perfect way to not only set the long term goals and deadlines of your project, and to establish dependencies effectively, but to also keep an eye on them throughout the project. Simply map your long term plans along the timeline and establish due dates and dependencies so you can work with them and not against them.
  • The Kanban Board is what you’re going to reach for to monitor day to day and week to week activity, so that you know exactly what needs to be done and by when. For a project as deadline rich and time sensitive as a product launch, having everything on a Kanban board will be amazingly helpful to help you keep productivity high and to diagnose problems.
  • The Table View is perfect for taking a detailed look at your day to day. With this view you can have every relevant task laid out in front of you ensuring that you don’t miss any game breaking deadlines and that every part of the project is accounted for.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at your Hive Analytic toolset to ensure that any problems are being picked up and fixed so that you can keep everything running as smoothly as possible. The last thing a complicated project like a product launch needs is productivity problem areas, and Hive allows you to diagnose these ahead of time so they never cause any major problems. These tools allow you to gauge overall team productivity as well as individual performance, so if you notice any dips in output you know where the problem areas are. After that, it’s a simple matter of investigating the issue and working out how you can resolve it and get everyone back on their “A” game. 

In the same vein, Hive also offers a robust set of reporting tools to help you generate visually striking reports using whatever project data you need to make visual sense of. This is a great choice if you need to report back to any stakeholders about the progress of a project. Reports can be generated easily and are designed to maximize the display of data with minimal clutter, helping you drive that report home to keep project confidence high. 

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