Home is where one starts from – T.S. Eliot

A product manager friend once remarked that it’s easier to make enterprise software than consumer software, because there’s “such a low bar”.

I guess he’s right. The technology in our personal lives has transformed in the last 10 years. From Blockbuster to Netflix, from MySpace to Facebook, from taxis to Uber. Meanwhile, our work lives have gone from Sharepoint (awful) to Sharepoint Online (awful in the cloud).

The reality is that most of us spend the majority of our waking lives in the workplace. That means that we should expect the tools we use there to be the most effective, most usable, most people-centric of all.

It is a damning indictment of the software industry that email (an electronic version of the printed letter) is the cornerstone of the modern business, and many of us live our working days in an inbox, with a list of these to go through. Copied on all sorts of irrelevant material, digging the actions out of the third paragraph, trying to send back comments inline to someone’s bullets, losing track of relevant files – it all becomes quite exhausting.

Not only that, but we also always seem to need 5 tools to do our basic work. If you’re looking down your action list, why do you have to open a different application to see your files. If you want to ask a colleague a question, why’s that another tool as well?

We deserve better.

At Hive, we have built a dashboard “home” for you that is simple and powerful. Hive puts your actions, messages and files all on one page, right at your fingertips. It connects your team with the tools they need to succeed together. No more wasting time and energy switching contexts. The right information to the right person at the right time.

It’s a wonderful experience – we work in our new home every day, and we look forward to welcoming you too.

Reserve your spot at http://hiveteams.com.

– John Furneaux, CEO