Case Study

University of Arizona

Managing a $2 Billion Budget in Hive

The Problem: At the University of Arizona Budget Office, the team is responsible for managing, reporting, and review of a $2B budget.

Garth Perry, Assistant Director, helps manage a team of budget analysts. They were using Trello to manage their workflow, but found it way too simplistic. It just didn’t have the features he needed as a manager to be able to create group conversations with his team around their projects, tasks, and ad hoc reporting.

Then they found Hive.

It has the boards they were used to in Trello, but also has messaging, more flexible views, and easier file sharing.

How Hive helped:

Before every project, Garth lays out all the key tasks his team needs to accomplish. If they have questions his team can @mention him and ask them right in the comment section of the action card. It keeps the conversation in context and has saved them a ton of time on emails. Being able to have the conversation tied to the project/task/outcome instead of buried in email folders has greatly improved their communication and productive output.

Even better, I don’t need to interrupt my team to check on the status of their work because it is all laid out for me in the team view.

Here’s what his team is working on today:

Another thing he loves about Hive is the ability to share links from the shared drive. The team keeps many of their important financial documents there and they can just share a link. Now files don’t need to be uploaded again when the file is changed.

Hive has made it so easy for my team to track our work and I can’t imagine going back to the way we worked before.

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