Case Study


Keeping a growing team organized

At SurveyLocal, the team works hard to remove the pain businesses and customers experience with writing online reviews. A lot of planning and coordination is involved in building their platform, growing their business, and supporting their customers.

The problem:

Chad Williams, CEO, has to make sure that every department understands the company goals and is performing at the highest level. And for that he need the right tools.

Chad had a tried a bunch of task management tools, but kept running into the same problems. Some were too complex and required large investments of time to set up and maintain. Others were way too simple and didn’t have some of the key features we needed.

How Hive helped:

With Hive, it was just right. Nothing comes close in terms of task management.

Hive is easy to use and it takes no time to get started. Behind the intuitive interface is a ton of flexibility that allows them to customize their projects to their needs.

As CEO, Chad always wants to keep an eye on what his team is working on. Before, he had to check in individually with every single person on his team to see what they were working on. One thing he loves about Hive is that he can see exactly what is on everyone’s to-do list in the Team view.

At one glance, I know exactly what’s going on which has really helped with prioritizing.

He also uses Hive to keeping track of assignments and tasks while juggling priorities across multiple teams as they add new positions and grow.