Case Study

Worklife Partnership

An action list that feels a little magical

The problem: Colorado-based Worklife Partnership, a non-profit organization that uses a holistic lens to increase employee retention and performance, is growing rapidly but struggling to keep track of everything. They manage hundreds of client relationships by using software, word documents, spreadsheets, and emails to achieve transparency and accountability but things kept falling through cracks.

They found a better way in Hive.

What’s changed?

Now, co-workers are using comments in Action Cards where they can talk to each other in context. No more messy back and forth emails.

Talking to people in context really cuts down on the email clutter. – Ryan Jeffers, Upskill Coach

What’s saving time: Action templates move details from your brain, calendar, and email to Hive. From employee onboarding to the client intake process, teams at Worklife Partnerships have found all sorts of processes to put in actions templates. Now, nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Tasks move out of my brain and into Hive. So I don’t need to worry about them any more. – Elizabeth Casswell, Operations Director

The Magic

When the communication director left, there was no one to plan a client event. Instead time-wasting meetings and last-minute chaos, they divided up all the to-dos in Hive across the team members. Everyone did their small part, and the event went beautifully.

Everything got done and it felt like magic, because Hive managed it for us. – Elizabeth Casswell, Operations Director

The bonus: The team appreciates Hive’s attentive customer services that really makes them feel heard.

My absolutely favorite part is the customer service you are able to offer! – Ryan Jeffers, Upskill Coach

The bottom line: Hive has helped Worklife Partners keep their growing team more productive and organized than ever before.