I try to recommend Hive every chance I get!

Lambert Hsu

President at Benefit Pro

Case study

The problem: Benefit Pro helps employers navigate the complexities of benefits enrollment, compliance, and administration. This means helping them select carriers, sign up their employees, and coordinate their enrollment. Attention to detail is paramount in their line of work, as what they do directly impacts people’s coverages.

To ensure the accuracy of information sent to carriers, Benefit Pro was using spreadsheets and checklists. The problem was that tracking progress took as much time as the data entry itself! They needed a more efficient way to simplify a task-intensive process.

They’ve found that in Hive.

What’s changed: Hive’s action templates have brought their old, static checklists alive. Before, they couldn’t tell if someone was following the steps, and where they were in the process. Now, they see their team members completing the items on the checklist in real time.

What’s saving time: They no longer waste time documenting what they’ve done. All they have to do is copy in the action template and paste a screenshot showing the enrollment changes made. Anyone that looks at the card can see exactly what has been done and when.

What was never lost: Never have to worry when someone is out sick or leaves the company. All their work is now saved in Hive. One quick search is all it takes to see what they’ve done. It makes the auditing process a walk in the park!

The advice: Lambert has seen first-hand the difference a “best-in-class” teamwork tool can make for a business.

Tasks drive the success of a business I think it’s worth investing in ways to be able to operationally do things efficiently. Clearly, a program like Hive allows you to achieve [that]

What they love: The Benefit Pro team appreciates the customer service team’s care and attention.

You listen to the customer and you incorporate ideas and customer feedback. […] I try to recommend you every chance I get!

The bottom line: Hive has made a huge difference for the Benefit Pro team. No more waking up with spreadsheet nightmares!