We have successfully transitioned the whole team into Hive and couldn’t be happier

Yvette Fevurly

Senior Designer / Project Manager

The Problem:

We are a group of creatives – left brainers that often think in non-linear ways to solve our client’s problems.

If you’re like us, you have 80+ projects active at one time and keeping all of the tasks associated with those projects is no small job. We are working with clients to provide environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding design services for projects here in the US and abroad.

We have tried all of the project management tools out there – seriously, name it and we’ve probably tried it – and have abandoned each and every one. Then we met Hive!

How Hive helped us:

Hive has direct messaging, project group chats, task management and file sharing all in one place. Now we use Hive rather than internal emails and text messages.

We use Hive to share files from our phones and direct from our own server – no more searching for a file or sending screen captures of where something is located. Simply “link from a shared drive” and it will take you right there.

This has dramatically changed our workflow and productivity.

Here’s my dashboard. From here I can see everything that is going on across the company – I can communicate with each person and project team, I can see the progress of all our projects, and I have access to files from both our cloud file stores and our shared drive.

We’ve pushed Hive hard, providing a continuous wish list of improvements that would make it work better for our team.

The amazing thing with Hive is that they actually make those changes for us – in lightning speed!

Hive is creating a tool that is built based on the needs of its users and that’s simply priceless. A few of the items we’ve asked Hive to implement are:

  • New labelling system for action cards
  • Direct dial of phone numbers from Hive mobile apps
  • Speed-access menu to get to different projects
  • Power user access to control different views
  • Direct linking from the our shared drive
  • Large image previews for Forcade design work in chats

And the best thing, they are still making improvements to Hive every single day. We have successfully transitioned the whole team away from our old tools and into Hive and couldn’t be happier.

If you want to check out Hive for yourself can sign up here (it only takes 30 seconds to get a Hive workspace).