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Easy to use, easy to set up, and has every function any agency would need. Love how the developers are always adding new features

Jonathan Bannister
Jonathan Bannister Managing Partner
Cornerstone Marketing Solutions

With the insights gained through Hive Analytics, we can now make educated and timely business decisions to constantly improve our efficiency.

Jerem Curry
Jerem Curry Global Head of IT
The Economist

Seriously the first project management tool I really love.

Bianca Padilla
Bianca Padilla Co-founder

I’m digging Hive. Really cool project management tool—better than Asana, Trello, etc. so far.

Mike Cohn
Mike Cohn Owner
Mountain Goat Software

I work on Hive daily and it has helped me stay organized and productive. The team at Hive responds quickly and are extremely helpful.

Jaime Manriquez
Jaime Manriquez Associate Marketing Manager

I love how I have one place to keep track of all the task and projects I'm working on.

Gaines Murfee
Gaines Murfee Product Manager
Chili Piper

If you need a project management tool that has communication and makes it easy to track tasks, this is the tool for you. Very user-friendly and has great customer support!

Nicole Robinson
Nicole Robinson Marketing and Business Development Assistant
Forcade Associates

The ease of use and simplicity of Hive has enabled everyone across our organization to be able to jump and start getting real work done immediately.

Julia Judge
Julia Judge Customer Journey Ambassador

Finding a project and task management system that actually does what we want it to do felt like a never-ending feat .... until we found Hive. The choirs of angels haven’t stopped yet.

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