quote-symbolIn choosing Hive, we found collaboration much easier and more efficient.

Dale Bonsor
Content Marketing Manager
dapa is a UK-based digital marketing agency specializing in SEO. With over a decade of experience, dapa uses its deep knowledge of Google’s search engine to help companies of all sizes rank for keyword searches critical to their business.



dapa hated the collaboration tool they were using — especially the lack of visibility provided to their team.Things were falling through the cracks, work wasn’t smoothly pushing forward, because there was no clear understanding of what everyone was working on. They were tired of endless follow-up emails and meetings. The key goal: “See each team member’s tasks on one screen,” according to Dale Bonsor, content marketing manager, because “this could help keep us far more up to date with team progress as a whole.”They also wanted to avoid tools that promise efficiency but just make more work.The dapa team “often have tasks that need two stages before they can be complete,” Dale says, and a different team member completes each stage. Any tool they chose needed to make moving tasks from one person to another intuitive and seamless.

In Hive, dapa gets a centralized place to manage work and see into team workload and flow.In My Team view, dapa team members see each other’s workload and can seamlessly move tasks from one person to another. “Managing these tasks was much easier if one member could physically drag and drop” to move a task to another team member, says Dale, “rather than writing out the task again.”dapa loves how Hive gives them the power to take control of how they organize work.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-5-23-23-pmHive gave us the opportunity to create our own personalized views to work our own way. This is not available in other services.

– Dale Bonsor, Content Marketing Manager

dapa uses Hive’s views to filter actions in Hive workspace to show only what they want to see. As a result, dapa has “found collaborating much easier and more efficient.”

Finally, dapa loves the above and beyond support Hive offers.