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Consolidate all of your team resourcing, time tracking, timesheets, and team planning into one app.

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Automatically log time spent on any action card across any project.

Staff projects and plan workloads

View team utilization and optimize work.

Easily log time across your business

Track time spent by project to ensure accurate billing and projections.

Analyze team activity over time

Better manage project budget and bandwidth with timesheet reporting.

Track time individually

Track your own time (automatically or manually) across any action card in Hive. Record and view estimated total time for your tasks and measure estimated time against actual time spent.

Track team time

Staff your projects based on team availability, skill sets, and workload. Monitor and reassign tasks as the projects progress based on team needs.

Track time for clients

Consolidate your timesheets and billable hours into one app for easy exporting, review, and client delivery.

Templates for all teams

Quick-start any type of project in Hive with our 100s of templates.

Setup Time & Resourcing

Ensure that your team has the tools to track their time, billable hours, and more with this template in Hive.


Template includes:

  • Actions & Subactions
  • Assignments
  • Time tracking enabled

Run A Marketing Agency

Manage multiple successful client engagements and campaigns with this simple project management template.


Template includes:

  • Actions & Subactions
  • Custom Fields
  • Milestones

Produce Creative Work

Ideal for teams looking to create, proof, and share creative work internally or externally.


Template includes:

  • Approval logs
  • Asset proofing
  • Task & subtasks

Integrates with your creative tools

One central place for everything that is important to your work.

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