In this always-on, work-work world, managers are often checking that their employees are glued to their computers, phones, and tablets, and not just glued, but being super productive.

One way to ensure that is to install those new desk sensors that tell you when employees get up from their seats.

A better alternative is to figure out your team’s productivity style so you can get the most bang for the company’s buck, and sit back and look like the next productivity guru. Say it with me: “Tim Ferriss who?!”

We all know the quintessential coworkers in our office. After researching the productivity personality types, we created a fun one minute quiz to find your productivity style:

What’s your productivity style?

After Hours Aleshia

productivity style

Night owl — She comes alive in the night time.

Life ain’t a Twilight movie (sigh), but you may feel like you’re working with vampires when you have an After Hours Aleshia on your team.

She only gets to the office when you’re heading out for lunch every day, and she only responds to Slack messages starting at midnight.

She’s not sorry for blowing up your phone in the middle of the night, forcing your significant other to kick you to the downstairs’ couch for eternity… or at least until Aleshia sees the light of the next day on the horizon.

  • Best friend: Stephanie Jobs
  • Most annoying enemy: Early Whirly
  • Favorite productivity technique: Batch processing
  • Favorite productivity tool: Boomerang (Schedule it for later)

Early Whirly

productivity style

Early bird — He gets the worm every morning.

No one wakes up as happy as Early Whirly. In fact, he gives Full House’s Danny Tanner a run for his money.

He’s up no later than five, and by eight, he has packed the kids’ lunches, responded to emails and squeezed in a light jog as he leisurely sipped a tall, decaf frappuccino.

  • Best friend: GTS
  • Most annoying enemy: After Hours Aleshia
  • Favorite productivity technique: Multitasking
  • Favorite productivity tool: Timer app / alarm clock

The General

productivity style

Prioritizer — She’s all work, all the time.

The General is not about small talk and witty banter. She loves solo-activities, her personalized productivity dashboard and streamlined processes.

Want to talk work-life balance? Not around The General. There’s nothing she loves more than working 80+ hours per week.

  • Best friend: GTS
  • Most annoying enemy: Stephanie Jobs
  • Favorite productivity technique: Pomodoro Technique
  • Favorite productivity tool: Todoist

Getting Things Scheduled (GTS)

productivity style

Planner — Pencil it in… or else.

Instead of getting things done, GTS is planning on getting things done.

In fact, he has a calendar for his calendar.

Want a 10-minute, impromptu meeting? Think again. GTS needs at least two weeks notice and a clean, detailed agenda and meeting request.

You can use his Calendly link for easy scheduling, or email his AI-powered email assistant, Susan. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

  • Best friend: The General
  • Most annoying enemy: Stephanie Jobs
  • Favorite productivity technique: GTD
  • Favorite productivity tool: Calendar app…

Zappin’ Zack

productivity style

Automation enthusiast — Be lazy; automate everything.

You know that overly lazy co-worker who gets paid to work 40 hours per week, like the rest of us, but automates his job down to 3.5 hours per week? That’s Zappin’ Zack.

He’s got stacks on stacks… of automated procedures.

  • Best friend: No one
  • Most annoying enemy: His boss
  • Favorite productivity technique: Outsourcing
  • Favorite productivity tool: Zapier

Stephanie Jobs

productivity style

Visionary — Dreaming of things that never were and asking: “Why not?!”

If Steve Jobs came down from Silicon Valley heaven and appointed his predecessor, she would be Stephanie Jobs. Stephanie is the productive visionary that will change the world one day.

Like clockwork, every Saturday night/Sunday morning, you can bet on an email to the entire executive team, cc’ing you, about her next revolutionary idea.

Tell Stephanie she can’t, and she’ll show you she can.

  • Best friend: GTS
  • Most annoying enemy: The General
  • Favorite productivity technique: Mind mapping
  • Favorite productivity tool: Whiteboard / Mindmeister
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