Friends of Hive,

I spent six years at Europe’s largest collaborative software firm, where I led the Global Customer Success team across London, New York, Washington DC and San Francisco.

It gave me the chance to understand the common pain points seen by customer teams small and large, from 5 person SMBs to giants like Disney or NASA.

I saw the same pattern repeat over and over – as the number of cloud tools increases, it is becoming simply impossible for people to keep track of what to do next. That means we all waste half our time working out what to do, not actually doing it.

It’s true for individuals, and it’s even more true for teams.

That’s why at Hive we are proud to introduce our latest innovation – the automatic action list. We connect with all the tools your team uses (for example Salesforce, Zendesk, or Google Calendar) and automatically pull all the actions from them into your Hive action list:

An automatic Hive action from Salesforce

An automatic Hive action from Salesforce

That means that when you arrive at work, there’s only one place you need to go to see everything on your plate for the day. And for the week ahead.

Of course you get all the normal Hive goodness – drag and drop assigning and attaching, calendar and Gantt views, and it works great on mobile too.

We’re proud to have worked with Pinterest in developing this amazing new part of Hive. If you’d like to experience stress-free mornings, with all your actions laid out for you, contact us at

All the best,


CEO, Hive

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