Move faster across all teams

For teams of all sizes, types and workflows.

built by the world’s fastest moving teams



Streamline your marketing projects and timelines.


Centralize collaboration across all parts of the creative process.


Plan in person and virtual events of any size.

Business operations

Track and optimize strategic planning and finance initiatives.


Bring your institutions’ planning, fundraising, and more into Hive.

University marketing

Maximize value from your marketing and admissions workflows with Hive.


Use Hive to map out and track all design initiatives and assets.


Project management

Streamline initiatives of any size & customize your workflow by project.

Resource management

Enable seamless resourcing and allocation across your team.

Client engagement

Build custom client portals and dashboards for external use.

Project planning

Track and plan all upcoming projects in one central location.

Time tracking

Consolidate all time tracking and task management in Hive.

Company goal tracking

Plot and track goals of all sizes across your organization.

Cross-company collaboration

Unite team goals across your organization.

Goals tracking

Set and track goals, and keep everyone aligned in one centralized dashboard.

Remote work

Collaborate from anywhere around the world in one location.

Company type


Bring your organization into one unified platform.


Streamline project intake, project execution, and client communications.


All the features you need to succeed, from seed to Series D.


Seamless planning, fundraising, event execution and more.

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