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Producing interesting and engaging content is a major component of the marketing process for most businesses. Content helps engage potential customers and create an emotional connection to your brand or product. Types of content range from social media to blogs and email newsletters, each targeting a specific audience with custom-tailored information. The key to streamlining and syncing content efforts is an organized production and distribution calendar, which is why we’ve created this content production template. This template will help keep your entire team aligned and collaborating on killer content across all platforms.

In this content production template, you can break out content by type, platform or author with labels, assign specific elements to members of your team, and even attach drafts of the content to each action. Hive’s chat function also allows for easy collaboration between team members.

A few quick tips to effectively use this content production template:

  • The Gantt Chart is the perfect way to get started laying out your content roadmap. Map out major deliverables, set dependencies, and assign due dates.
  • Once your content is mapped out, simply switch to the Kanban Board or Table View┬áto monitor day to day progress.
  • Monitor the production schedule and be alerted to any potential risks using Hive Analytics.
  • Quick Tip: Want to easily see what each team member has assigned to them? Check out team view!

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