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Receiving a Request for Proposal from a potential new client is a major step towards acquiring new business and driving revenue. While there each RFP and the accompanying submission will be unique to the business, having an editable RFP template for key milestones throughout the process can help streamline completion and improve efficiency. Essentially, this RFP template helps bring you one step closer to landing that client. Who doesn’t want that?

With Hive’s RFP template, you can easily map out and work through the stages of preparing your RFP. Our chat function also promotes collaboration and teamwork throughout the process.

A few quick tips to effectively use this RFP template:

  • The Gantt Chart is the perfect way to lay out some of the overarching goals of the proposal. With this view you can easily map out major segments of the plan, set dependencies, and assign due dates.
  • Once the RFP is laid out, simply switch to the Kanban Board or Table View┬áto monitor day to day progress in the RFP template.
  • Monitor the project and be alerted to any potential risks using Hive Analytics.
  • Quick Tip: Want to easily see what each team member has assigned to them? Check out team view!

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