We’ve put together this video series explaining how to use some of Hive’s more advanced features. Because we know sometimes you need an extra helping hand 🙂


Powerful features for actions

Creating actions is easy, but tasks have a lot of advanced features you may not know about. From adding multiple layers of subactions to attaching files, this video will show you how to do it all!


Using Labels

With labels, you can group tasks together to make them easier to organize and keep track of. We’ll show you a little more about how to create them and how they work in Hive.


Setting up views

Hive lets you create customizable views that allow you to filter actions so you can control exactly what you see. In these videos, we will show you how to use these views including:

List view

Calendar view

Progress view


The Power of Processes

Does your team do the same thing every day? With Processes, you can set up a list of tasks that you can trigger again and again. This video will show you how to set them up and use them in your day to day.