Why we chose Hive?

At Boundless, we work hard to help our customers build Brand Love moments. An important part of that is making sure our teams are operating as efficiently as possible.

Choosing the right tools is key to achieving this.

Until recently, our company was scattered across Slack, Asana, and Trello. Communication between teams was getting lost, and people were frustrated by constantly switching between apps.

We knew we wanted a more integrated solution that had the robust features not available in the free version of these apps.

We took a look at a number of options and in the end chose Hive.

In this post, I’ll share how and why we decided to go with Hive over some the other options out there. The three key factors that swayed our decision were:

  • Integrated platform that brought everything we needed in one place (at a good price)
  • Intuitive UI with lots of flexibility that accommodated the needs of several teams
  • Responsive customer support that responded super quickly to feedback

Let me go into a little more detail.

What caught our interest

When we first heard about Hive, we were considering upgrading to a Slack enterprise plan. What intrigued us about Hive was that they offered an integrated solution that had messaging and task management in one. If we could cover messaging and task management for about the same price, it could solve some of the main pain points. So we set up a demo to find out more.

The demo experience

Based on our initial discussion with Hive, they created us a custom workspace where we got to play around with the product. What was immediately apparent to us was how intuitive Hive is.

It was so easy for us to get started that it was no time before we were running many of our projects in Hive.

Once we already had our work there, it made it a lot harder to leave.

Even better, the customer service was great. They did a good job explaining how Hive could benefit us and were always there to answer any questions. The team was also extremely responsive to our feedback. For example, we wanted to use emoji reactions while messaging, which we asked if they could add it. Within a few days, emoji reactions were available!

How we decided on Hive

After our positive demo experience, we discussed it as a team and three key factors pushed us to choose Hive.

First, the high level of customer service made us feel we had a real partner that would support us.

Second, we loved how intuitive it was and it also offered a ton of flexibility to accommodate the needs of different teams. In Hive, you can view projects organized in calendars, by labels, by assignee, or in a kanban board. It was also great that you could add multiple workspaces on one account, which we needed for our sales team.

Finally, Hive provided both chat and task management in one place at a reasonable price, which was so much simpler that upgrading across multiple tools.

It was really a no-brainer for us.

What’s it been like so far

It’s only been a few weeks, but we are loving Hive so far.

Things aren’t falling through the tasks anymore now that we have everyone in one place.

As someone who always kept my task list on paper, I keep everything in digitally on my Hive task list now.

It’s also made meetings more efficient. Now someone can just add tasks to people’s list during the meeting, rather than writing up a lengthy email with next steps after that fact.

For our team, choosing Hive was the right decision. As more of our teams onboard into Hive, we’re excited to see how it will change the way we work together.

As more of our teams onboard into Hive, we’re excited to see how it will change the way we work together.

– Racheal Wahlgreen, Operations Project Manager
“On why we chose Hive”

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