Productivity Check

I was walking into the Hive offices this morning when a thought hit me.

We have thousands of teams using Hive every day, so we also have amazing data on how individuals and teams work.

Privacy is critical here, and we only keep a running total of ‘things that have happened’ (for example, a message was sent at 2.04pm).

But one interesting thing the summary data does include is a suggested gender for the user (based on first name).

Using a sample of 100,000 actions from the last month, here’s a chart showing how many actions were updated on average at each hour of the day:

Interesting huh?

We’ll need to dig further into this, but it’s pretty fascinating — there’s a significant difference in when people are productive during the day.

There are 100 other questions that pop up into my mind now — given Hive’s breadth as a platform, we have data on the creation and completion of work, messaging volume and file sharing. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn!

The potential to improve team performance using this kind of data is clearly huge.

What question would you ask?