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Work more efficiently and collaborate with your team via our Hive and Zoom integration. With this integration, you can start a Zoom meeting directly from a Hive chat with a few clicks.

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Streamline communication

Seamlessly transfer communication from Hive chat to Zoom meeting by typing “/zoom” into your chat window. The text you type after /zoom will be the official Zoom meeting name.

Zoom Integration in Hive for Remote Collaboration

“I love that Zoom is a feature within Hive. Now that we are all remote, it’s nice to be able to send a quick Zoom invite in the chat feature. This is our team’s way of popping in to ask a quick question or to simply check in.”

Mary Kate Klump, Brand Manager, Marketing & Communications, Washington University’s Olin Business School

Essential Tools for Effective Remote Collaboration

“Although we have been enthusiastic users of Zoom and Hive for some time, the current environment means that both tools are even more important. The integration of Zoom with Hive makes connecting with our team convenient, fast, and effective.”

Philip Ralph, Managing Director, The Leadership Sphere

See for yourself why successful teams move faster in Hive.

Try it now for free. No credit card needed.