Case Study


40% reduction in email

Planday is a software company headquartered in Copenhagen that provides advanced employee scheduling for shift-based businesses. Started in 2004, the company has quickly grown to 180 employees across six global offices. As they’ve expanded, they needed a better way to organize their work and facilitate communication between various departments and offices. They found their solution in Hive.

In this case study, we’ll spotlight the marketing team at Planday to see how Hive has changed the game for them. Kyra Kuik is the Head of Content at Planday. She manages requests for and oversees production of case studies, brochures, web content, emails, and other assets as well as maintains the company blog. Their work requires juggling many projects at once and careful coordination between designers and writers to ensure work gets done on time.

The challenge

Before Hive, work was extremely fragmented. The design team used Trello but the marketing team was on Basecamp so the content team had work in both places. It was time consuming facilitating communication back and forth between the two, and it inevitably led to a lot of miscommunication. As the teams in Germany and the UK grew, the distance between team members made the whole process untenable.

Additionally, reporting up to management was burdensome with all their work spread across so many tools.

They knew there had to be a better way.

The solution

Hive has brought the marketing team together in one centralized platform. Now all project details and conversations are contained in their workspace. Getting someone up to speed is as simple as sharing them on an action card.

We’ve seen a 40% decrease in emails within the marketing team, says Kyra, and it has made our communication much more central.

Action templates have allowed them to automate processes and ensure consistent quality. For example, the company attends many trade shows and need brochures, banners, emails and other assets in preparation for the event. The content team created an action template that lays all the steps from drafting copy to design to printing. The Events Manager simply has to copy the template and the whole process gets started.

Hive Kanban View

Gantt charts have made it easy to see what’s coming up next and coordinate multiple obligations. And with summary views to aggregate their projects into one place, it’s easy to report on progress to management.

My team uses Hive to report into the CMO about overall status of projects and if we want to drill down further into specific issues and roadblocks we can do that. The CMO even uses those summary views when he reports into our board and our senior management team, says Kyra.

They also have loved the care and attention they have received from Hive customer success team. This includes creating project specific labels and allowing them to group Gantt charts by label.

Hive was very agile and rolled out a lot of our feature requests. It was especially important that our team work with a tool that was willing to work with us. The Hive team is fantastic!

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