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Work more efficiently with your team with our Hive and Slack integration. With this integration, you can pull your Slack window into Hive, drop actions, and create actions from Slack itself. This integration streamlines communication across teams and larger organizations.

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Hive and Slack

Enable Slack for your workspace

Merge your Slack chats and workspace into one with Hive’s easy Slack integration. To access the integration, simply enable the Slack tile in your Hive Apps dropdown, and select “Switch to Slack” below your chat window on the left-hand side of Hive.

Full Features
Enable Slack
Drag action to Slack

Share tasks

Easily share tasks from your Hive workspace in a Slack chat by simply dragging and dropping the action card into the appropriate Slack channel or message.

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New actions

Utilize the /hive action command to create new actions from a Slack chat window, and automatically assign the action to the person you’re chatting with.

Add to Slack
Create action in Slack

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