Plan & execute company initiatives

Keep your team moving in the same direction with streamlines projects and accountability across the organization.

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define the initiative

Identify your most pressing projects

Whether your project is large-scale or smaller, you can use Hive to track and monitor it.

get things moving

Kick off your initiative
from Hive

Add tasks, due dates and more into your project. Ensure the team is working towards a unified goal.


Features for project success

Design a new template or implement an existing template to kick-start your initiative.

Use Hive Notes and Hive for Zoom to kick off your project. Take Notes in your meeting, collaborate in real-time, and share next steps.

Bring internal and external collaborators into your Hive Note and project to work together in real-time. Never miss a next step or a meeting note again.

Set and track project phases, milestones, and more with Gantt, portfolio, table, and more views.

Export project plans, views, or share overall milestones in Hive with meeting participants. Report on high-level metrics.

Reflect on project timeline, completion status, and more in Project Overview or our Analytics dashboards.

real time updates

Bring hybrid teammates together

Whether you’re in an office, remote, or working with external clients, keep your project team on the same page.

see the big picture

Birds-eye view of progress and achievements

Track all aspects of one (or more) projects. Understand pacing and project completion.

integrations & workflows

Run your entire company from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire company.

What our customers are saying

“Hive allows our team to customize our workflow. It also has several tools and features that help us individually organize and optimize our goals and plans.”


Alex S,
Operations Coordinator

“I love the approval process. It truly helps our team streamline our work with minimum direct attention. I also enjoy summary views and how customizable they are to my different needs.”

Luke H,
Marketing Associate

“We use Hive as our primary workflow management tools – it helps us track of ongoing projects for all the members of the team with real time updates.”


Anirudh G,
Delivery Lead

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