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The project management tool for agencies

Give your team more efficiency, transparency, and highly specialized workflows.


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Plan & execute award-winning campaigns

Great work leads to more great work. Hive gives you the tools to run campaigns smoothly so that you can focus on the road to Cannes.

Deliver quality work

Efficiently review all work for quality and accuracy with Proofing & Approvals.

Efficient resourcing

Predict and plan your resourcing needs with Resourcing.

Run productive meetings

Turn wasteful meetings into creative sessions with Hive Notes.

Teams using Hive reported a 40% reduction in email and 52% reduction in meetings.

Keep your clients happy

Hive adds increased transparency, more efficient communication, and streamlined workflows that lead to your best client relationships ever.

Meet every deadline

Get a birds-eye view of all campaigns in flight with Portfolio view.

Rapidly respond to client requests

Efficiently route client requests with Hive Mail and Hive forms.

Flexible project templates

Use Kanban, Gantt, Table, or Calendar views interchangeably for any project with project layouts.

Portfolio View
Hive has made us more efficient and flexible. What would have needed to be a meeting previously is now a quick chat. It’s brought our team closer together.
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Features built for agency life

Route approvals between clients and internal teams seamlessly.
Hive Resourcing Hive Forms Hive Mail

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