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  • Susan Layton


    Finding a project and task management system that actually does what we want it to do felt like a never ending feat …. until we found @hive. The choirs of angels haven’t stopped yet.

  • Mike Cohn


    I’m digging hive.com from @Hive Really cool project management tool—better than Asana, Trello, etc. so far.

  • Forcade


    We’re buzzing like never before now that we’re using Hive for our busy team! @hive we couldn’t appreciate your hustle more.

1,000+ Integrations

Have tools like your CRM that are integral to your workflow? Thanks to our partnership with Zapier, Hive easily integrates with all the other tools you use.

I try to recommend Hive every chance I get!

Lambert Hsu

President at Benefit Pro

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