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18 Best Project Management Blogs & Influencers To Follow In 2024

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The project management space is crowded. There are tons of productivity apps, project management platforms and industry professionals who claim to have figured out a more efficient, collaborative way of working. There are even helpful templates that help guide you towards productivity. And that’s what we all want, right? To work faster and better? 

To guide you on your never-ending quest for PM paradise, we’ve rounded up some of the most prolific and informative leaders in the space, all with a variety of backgrounds. And if you know of any other project management blogs or influencers we missed, let us know in the comments below!

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1. Susanne Madsen

Susanne Madsen is a leader in the project management space and started her own business coaching executives and professionals after leading corporate sector processes at places like JP Morgan and Citigroup. She also helped found The Project Leadership Institute in 2017, a learning institute built to help people hone their leadership and management skills.

Susanne has also published two books, including The Project Management Coaching Workbook, filled with PM tips and strategies for professionals are various points in their career.

Follow Susanne on Twitter: @susannemadsen

2. Keep Productive

Hosted by Francesco D’Alessio, the Keep Productive Youtube channel and Tool Finder website is dedicated to reviewing and rating productivity software and project management tools. They’ve got over 200K subscribers to their YouTube channel who tune in for videos like The Best Project Managers For Teams” (which includes Hive!).

They also put on a virtual conference called ProdCon, which you can read about on their website, along with courses, reviews and information on their podcast.

Follow on Twitter: @keeproductive

Subscribe to their videos: Keep Productive Youtube channel

3. Rebel’s Guide To PM

Elizabeth Harrin founded the blog “Rebel’s Guide To PM,” which houses valuable intel on project management hacks, templates and behind-the-scenes intel from a female perspective. She was named one of the top “10 Women in Project Management to Follow On Twitter” in 2017, and has written books including Collaboration Tools For Project Managers, Shortcuts For Success, Project Management In the Real World, and Managing Multiple Projects.

Check out Elizabeth’s blog:

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter: @rebelsguidetopm

4. Project Manager

Project Manager is a PM software that helps organize projects and to-dos for teams, and they’ve also got a great blog with helpful management techniques and tips. Their content spans from tactical PM pieces like “How To Run A Great Scrum Meeting” to career advice and interview tips. They’ve even got video content to accompany pieces like “How To Use Data To Be A Better Manager” and “How To Ask For Help On Your Projects.”

Follow Project Manager on Twitter: @projecttips

Check out their blog:

5. Jason Fried

Jason is the founder and CEO of Basecamp, a project management tool used by millions of people to organize projects and streamline communication. He hosts a podcast called “Rework,” that helps listeners find “a better way to run your business.” Jason has also co-written a book on management called It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work and Rework, a NY Times best seller that gives advice on how to find success in business.

Follow Jason on Twitter: @jasonfried

Listen to his podcast: Rework

6. Dotto Tech

Run by Steve Dotto, Dotto Tech is a project management blog filled with productivity tips, information about running an online business, and tips for mastering your digital toolkit. The site itself has information about webinars, courses and their podcast, as well as information on Steve’s speaking capabilities.

Plus, Dotto Tech’s YouTube channel, where Steve talks about strategies he’s loving has over 270K subscribers and includes reviews of tools like Blinkist, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Follow Steve Dotto on Twitter: @dottotech

Read more on Dotto Tech’s blog:

7. John Furneaux

John is the co-founder and CEO of Hive, an AI-based project management tool used by brands like Uber, Starbucks and WeWork. John founded Hive after spending years running customer success at Huddle, a team collaboration software, and serves as a member of Forbes Tech Council.

Follow John on Twitter: @jfurneaux

Check out Hive’s blog:

8. The Digital Project Manager

The Digital Project Manager was founded by Ben Aston in 2011, and has since become one of the largest online platforms for project management information and and thought leadership. The website has over 40 contributors who write everything from articles, how-to guides, reviews, and longer features about digital project management. DPM also sends out a digital newsletter, produces a podcast, and is active on social media platforms.

Follow DPM on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube

Listen to the DPM podcast:

9. Velociteach

Velociteach is a team of industry experts, led by author and educator Andy Crowe, one of the most respected and internationally recognized experts in the project management field. From live class instruction and exam prep coaching to immersive online courses and engaging study materials, Velociteach offers endless resources on your path towards professional development and advancement.

Velociteach produces a podcast, Manage This, focused on hot topics and emerging trends in project management. Episodes include insights from subject matter experts and industry leaders. PMs from around the world share their project stories, lessons learned, and strategies for more successful projects.

Listen to Manage This Podcast: Manage This

Checkout the Velociteach Blog: The Savvy PM

Follow Velociteach on all Social Media platforms: @Velcoiteach

10. Natalie Warnert

Natalie is a master of agile strategy and works as an independent consultant, blogger, speaker and is the president of “Women In Agile,” a group that recruits and promotes women in the agile community. Her project management blog, (formerly known as Confessions Of A ScrumMaster), offers advice on collaboration, access to her professional consulting services, and information on a variety of trainings and workshops she hosts.

Check out Natalie’s Blog:

Follow Natalie on Twitter: @nataliewarnert

11. Sarah M. Hoban

Sarah is a project manager, product manager, and strategy consultant who is passionate about all things productivity. In her own work, she leads teams of engineers and business analysts to execute high-risk multi-million dollar projects. Over her career of 10+ years, she has successfully implemented dozens of projects and garnered hundreds of thousands of dollars in tactical sales. Sarah is PMP-certified and has an extensive project management blog that includes product reviews, project management guides, and career advice. In addition to her blog, Sarah has a podcast called The Stealthy Project Manager, which is available wherever you listen to podcasts. 

Check out Sarah’s blog:

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @sarahmhoban

12. Musings On Project Management

John Goodpasture runs this project management blog filled with articles on agile, general PM, collaborative culture, and just general life lessons — his witty tone make it easy and entertaining to read. His experience comes from over 30 years in the project management space, where he also serves as a coach and has written several books on the topic, including Project Management The Agile Way and Managing Project For Value.

Check out John’s Blog: Musings On Project Management

13. Simpletivity

Scott Friesen runs the YouTube channel and blog under the Simpletivity umbrella, sharing tips about productivity, efficiency, and time and project management. His YouTube channel boasts over 59K subscribers, and shares videos like “How To Use Tasks and Reminders in Google Calendar” and “How To Do A Weekly Review That Works For You.” Scott’s website offers similar content plus information on his training and speaking programs, as well as in-depth Trello consulting.

Check out Scott’s Blog:

Follow Scott on Twitter: @Scott Friesen

14. Brett Harned

Brett Harned is dedicated to helping teams overcome project challenges, and has been working in the digital project management space for nearly 20 years. He is currently the Director of Education at TeamGantt, and has recently worked as an independent consultant to help teams deliver projects on time and under budget. In 2012, Brett helped form the Bureau of Digital, and it’s annual conference for digital project managers called the Digital PM Summit. In addition to his blog and social media content, Brett has published a book, Project Management For Humans, and hosts a podcast.

Check out Brett’s blog:

Follow Brett on Twitter: @brettharned

Listen to Brett’s Podcast: Sprints and Milestones

15. Elise Stevens

Elise Stevens is an advocate for women working in the field of project management. For more than 2 decades, Elise has been working with women to help them feel confident, achieve their full potential, and succeed in various project management roles. Elise has published 2 books, Unlocking The Opportunity – How Over 150 Women Navigated Their Careers In Project Management and Age Defying Careers For Women At 40.  In addition to her books, Elise publishes articles on her project management blog and hosts a podcast series. If you’re looking for some motivation and encouragement in the project management space, definitely pay a visit to Elise’s website and explore her channels.

Check out Elise’s blog:

Listen to Elise’s Podcast: Futureproof Your Career

Follow Elise on Twitter: @ElisethePM

16. Work Life by Atlassian

Atlassian is a well-know organization that owns project management tools like Jira and Trello. While those two tools serve very different purposes, they bring all of their excellent PM insight into this project management blog. They’ve got more general content like “How To Make Values Based Leadership Your North Star,” and “How To Write The Perfect 90 Day Template.” If you’re just starting off in PM, or are generally interested in learning more about productivity, this blog is a good read.

Check out the Atlassian’s blog:

Follow them on Twitter: @atlassian

17. The Tao PM

Many years in project management taught John Carroll that the overwhelming routine was not sustainable for a long career in this field. Now retired, he teaches the lessons of the Taoist philosophy applied to project management in his blog The Tao of PM. A published author, Carroll successfully revised one of the most used project management methodologies in his “Agile Project Management” edition in 2015. He has also published other books such as “The Way of the Project Manager” and “Earned Value Management in Easy Steps”. Carroll has also endeavored in the art of cooking and published a step-by-step for “Sourdough Bread Made Easy”.

Check out The Tao PM blog:

18. Project Times

Project Times (or PM Times) is a blog dedicated to the Project Management community that provides in-depth articles and knowledge on the latest developments in the industry. Expert bloggers and authors provide valuable insights on various topics to ensure that readers are always up-to-date with project management news and trends, making it an excellent resource for professionals in a wide range of industries. 

In addition to the blog, PM Times also offers an extensive range of other features, such as  webinars, which can be watched live or on-demand, free downloadable templates, a job board with thousands of job postings updated daily, and free whitepapers. PM Times also keeps readers informed about industry events by posting about upcoming project management related educational conferences and exhibitions.

Check out the Project Times Blog:

Follow Project Times on Twitter: @projecttimes

Is there anyone else you follow to stay in the loop on project management conversations, news or advice? Comment below and tell us about your favorite blogs, authors, podcasters, or social media stars. We’re all in this together!

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