GMD case study

How Integrated Communication Agency Gomidia Saves Hours Each Week With Hive Templates

Gomídia is an integrated communication agency based in Brazil with offices in Mexico. The company has 8 years experience in helping brands increase their market presence. This 50-person multidisciplinary team is always managing hundreds of campaigns at once under tight deadlines. Keeping organized is critical to their success.

So it was important that the Gomídia team had the best tool for their workflow. Before, they were using Basecamp, but found it too simplistic. Then they tried Teamwork, but found it clunky and hard-to-use and many team members felt overwhelmed.

They were looking for a tool that would be more intuitive but also had robust features like time tracking and templates. For a long time, they reviewed almost every tool on the market with no luck.

As soon as they found Hive, they knew they had found the best option for their team. Hive offered:

  • Intuitive UX design that was easy to navigate and learn
  • Multiple project views including Gantt, Status, Calendar, and more
  • Integrated chat and projects with Google Drive integration
  • Time tracking that was simple to access and use

It checked all their boxes and using it was even better than expected. With Hive’s import tool, all of their old projects were transferred into Hive within a few minutes – bringing both active and closed projects into Hive. The whole team was on-boarded and active in Hive within a few days.

We were blown away with how easy it was to switch and how not a single project was delayed in the process, says Guilherme Sagas, COO of Gomídia.

Managing their projects in Hive has significantly improved the team’s organization and efficiency. Each client has its own project with every task, whether it be a Facebook post or a video, on an action card. The team lays out all the steps to be completed in subactions and uses the status view to see how the item progresses. The comments section has been a useful place to discuss progress in context and share new iterations.

Hive has given them one place to look to see the status of all our work and see what is coming up.

This increased transparency has improved our communication and improved on-time project completion by about 50% percent, says Guilherme.

The Gomídia team love using Hive’s time tracking feature. They find it so easy to add their time in the same place they manage and discuss their work. Given that their work is so collaborative, everyone can add their time to the same card, describe what was done over that time period, and its automatically organized and separated.

They also have set up action templates for processes they repeat frequently, like video production and proposals. It saves them hours each week setting up projects and tasks.

Hive has helped the Gomídia team be more productive than ever before. It is the one place everyone goes to each day to know what they have to work on and collaborate with each other. They couldn’t imagine managing their work anywhere else.