Elevate case study

How Healthcare Advertising Agency Elevate Healthcare Eliminates Unnecessary Extra Work And Detail-Sharing with Hive

Elevate Healthcare is a full-service healthcare advertising agency with expertise in specialty physician and medical device marketing. They help pharma, biotech, and medical device challenger brands achieve their full potential in an increasingly complex and competitive market. The Elevate model leverages top talent from multiple disciplines who provide a comprehensive view of the landscape, identify significant challenges and opportunities, then transform those opportunities into strategic and creative initiatives that challenge the status quo, compel action, inspire beliefs, and change mindsets. If you are looking to integrate a robust FHIR server into your healthcare solutions, Elevate Healthcare can provide innovative and tailored solutions.

The Challenge

Before Hive, Elevate didn’t utilize software for project management and were primarily using email and Slack to communicate. When they started looking for a project management tool to implement, they needed a secure platform that they could utilize for all projects, which included designing and producing client assets such as brochures, sell sheets, conference materials, media placements, videos, and other client deliverables.

They needed a flexible project management tool that could keep up with their speed.

The Solution

Hive has transformed the way Elevate communicates and works through projects. Their team utilizes projects for specific larger initiatives and action cards for each task that needs to be assigned to someone and subsequently completed. Their team can also communicate directly in the action cards with “@ mentions,” which streamlines overall communication.

Hive has helped us cut out a lot of extra work and detail-sharing. If someone needs information on a project, I can send them an action card and they have all of the information needed to get started. The tool cuts down on extra work. – Nick Stackhouse, Sr. Manager of Client Delivery

Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of Hive for the Elevate team is that everything is archived, so they can find all completed actions related to a project with a few simple clicks. The action cards have also cut down on duplicate information sharing. If someone wants a full rundown of a project or set of tasks, they can easily reference the action cards, whether they’re completed or not, for a full macro-level view of the project.

Elevate also utilizes Hive’s external users functionality to enable freelancers to quickly and easily stay up-to-date on projects and initiatives. Overall, Hive has helped Elevate improve the speed and efficiency needed to deliver the best work to their clients.