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These Are The Best Workday Meditations for Productivity

We’ve teamed up with Simple Habit, an amazing meditation app, before to write about meditation and the many benefits of mindfulness. As the fastest growing health trend in the country, meditation’s benefits include improved productivity and reduced anxiety, stress, and emotional reactivity. But finding the time during the workday to actually unplug and meditate can be tricky — that’s where Simple Habit comes in. The meditation app, which you can access on desktop, iPhone and Android, has a huge library of meditations you can access with a subscription. And if you just want to test Simple Habit out, Hive has a special 14-day free trial code that you can access here.

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Simple Habit Meditation App

But which should you listen to during the workday? We’ve got you covered. Hive has combed through the Simple Habit library to pick out a few that are perfect for workday listening on the meditation app. Ahead, find Hive’s selection of meditations designed to enhance workplace productivity.

Lunch Break Boost: Let Go of the Morning

Post-lunch exhaustion is real. People also often have trouble refocusing after taking a lunch break. This meditation is great for re-centering and focusing on the afternoon’s tasks instead of dwelling on what happened (or didn’t happen) earlier in the day.

Too Much To Do: Just Noticing

This meditation helps encourage relaxation and decrease any stress elicited by a lengthy to-do list. Sometimes just noticing that you’re overwhelmed can help calm your mind.

Manage a Team: Connect With Your Team

If you’re a manager, you know how important it is to understand the inner-workings of your team. This meditation is designed to increase connection with your team and enhance your leadership skills.

Reduce Work Anxiety: Stop

We’ve all had to deal with varying degrees of work anxiety at some point. This meditation helps refocus and minimize obsessions over work-related details.

Break From Stressful Days: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathing correctly can help quell anxiety and improve mental clarity. Take a break from your stressful day by simply focusing on your breathing with this short guided meditation.

Happiness at Work: Gratitude

There are tons of scientifically-backed benefits to practicing gratitude, including improved mental fortitude and better sleep. This meditation helps recenter and remind you to be thankful for everything positive in your life.

Focus on One Thing: Releasing Distractions

We’ve all been there: we sit down to finally get that one pesky project done, and we’re unable to focus. That’s where this meditation comes in. We love listening to it first thing in the morning after our commute to work to help us hone in on one task.

Do you have any other favorite meditations you listen to during the workday? Let us know in the comments below.