As the first project management software built by users, for users, Hive releases new features every week based on our users’ feedback. This week, we have four exciting roll-outs! Keep voting and requesting on the features you want to see in the Hive Forum. #DemocraticallyBuilt

1. Material Costs in Project Budget and Project Overview Updates

The latest update gives a more dynamic budget overview for your projects. Instead of budgeting just time, users will be able to add other customized funds such as travel and consultant costs in the project budget. Material costs can be accessed in the project overview.

We have also simplified the project overview page, and the billable hours budget is now accessed under “Files” 

Here, you can add other costs with the “+” line, where you’ll be asked to add in the cost amount and the designation (i.e. “Travel,” $1,000).

Material cost will also be imported into timesheet reporting in a separate column for visibility.

Thank you to Alexandra from Women’s World Banking for requesting this feature.

2. “Changes requested” in My Actions

Often times, the first step of the approval process isn’t the last, and changes are required. If an approver requests changes in the approval process, the action card will now say ‘Changes Requested’ in My Action View. This will help draw users’ attention to the pending approval.

Thank you to Christina from Terakeet for requesting this feature.

3. Include Custom Fields in Project Export

All project custom fields will now be included in timesheet exports, which will help make documentation more cohesive and project data more accurately tracked.

Timesheet exports are useful to team leads or managers who want to understand the exact breakdown of their teammates’ time spent in projects.

Thank you to Bob from Cyan Health for requesting this feature!

4. Hot-key for Filter Panel

To access the Filter panel in Hive, all you have to do is press “F.” Easy, right?

Want to catch up on all of the past updates in Hive? Check out our video series on YouTube, and check back weekly for exciting new features!

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