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9 Team Goals Examples That Will Take Your Impact to The Next Level

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You’ve probably read a lot of tips and tricks for effective goal-setting, from tracking and measuring your progress to choosing time-sensitive goals. But no matter how effective your goal-setting is, certain team goals weigh more than others.

“Certain team goals act as a catalyst for business growth, fostering both individual and company growth at the same time. These are the kind of goals you want to set because they are more impactful than others,” says Becky Brown, CEO and co-founder of consumer-resource ShoppingKim.

Ready to dive into the most impactful goals you can set with your team? Great, just make sure you involve all team members in the process, as that will make the goals that much more powerful. “Make your team goals together. When you are unified in direction, purpose, and process, your team will begin to function as a cohesive unit that is together in ways regardless of the task,” says Russell Lieberman, CEO and founder of Altan Insights, an alternative investing platform. “Taking the time to discuss goals with your team, distinguish between departments and strengths, and involve everyone in the process will push you far and beyond what you thought your community could achieve.”

Here are examples of great team goals that can take your impact to the next level.

1. Revenue goals

Money is not everything, but it’s essential for an organization to sustain operations, hire more people, and access more resources to pursue different strategies or develop new products. For that reason, revenue goals can make a big difference and keep various departments accountable for meeting them. It’s also important to understand revenue vs profit metrics.

A sales team might very directly contribute to a revenue goal by aiming to close more sales deals and increase sales performance. But even a non-sales department can help move the needle. For example, marketing efforts can lead to increased brand visibility and more customers finding and buying your products.

2. Productivity

Productivity goals are about improving the amount of work completed over a certain amount of time. They are impactful because increasing productivity means that you are getting more done as a team. Just make sure that you’re not setting goals around producing work for the sake of being busy. The goals have to be tied to something that matters, either to customers or internal stakeholders.

For example, a media company might choose to double the volume of blog posts that it produces in a given month, offering readers more content to consume.

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3. Efficiency goals

Efficiency goals are closely related to productivity, but they are not about the total amount of work that gets done. They involve becoming better at performing the work, which, as a team, is critical. An e-Commerce brand might strive to reduce the time it takes for customers to receive their online orders. This would improve customer satisfaction and make people more likely to shop on that website again or leave a positive review–all factors that play into a company’s overall growth.

4. Employee satisfaction goals

Employee satisfaction goals are some of the most underrated yet impactful types of goals you can set. From enhancing employee well-being through comprehensive benefits (whether it’s dental insurance or spousal visa support) to providing leadership training to managers, goals that increase the engagement of team members and improve company culture will inevitably turn into positive outcomes for the business as a whole. Don’t ignore them at the expense of “harder” goals like the ones above.

5. Customer satisfaction goals

While an organization would be nothing without its employees, it would also be nothing without its customers. Enter customer satisfaction goals. They involve many different teams and efforts and are directly related to the clients that you serve, which is a recipe for high impact.

“A great example of a high-impact team goal is improving product ratings on e-commerce sites. This is a fairly simple, straightforward goal that comes with a lot of nuance and depth to it,” says Brown.

“Let’s say your product rates are at 3.8/5 and your goal is to boost that number to 4.5 and higher. Your whole team, from production and marketing to customer service, has to get involved. Setting and achieving this kind of goal will improve your product, team, and company as a whole.”

6. Sustainability goals

How do you define impact? In our day and age, companies are in a position to take responsibility for creating a better world and solving some of the most pressing issues that we face as human beings. Caring solely about business growth will only get us so far when it comes to making a true impact. But caring about sustainability? Now that’s impactful.

Embracing team such as waste reduction in your production process can not only help deepen your impact, but also improve your team’s motivation to do meaningful work.

7. Risk management goals

The Global Head of Information Security for Société Générale International Banking, Stephane Napoo once said: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is vital in any business. Identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, treating, and monitoring potential risks is fundamental to preserving the physical and human assets of the company and guaranteeing its existence.

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8. Diversity and inclusion goals

Having a work environment that respects diversity and advocates for inclusion are starting points to boost your company’s impact. With a well-founded mission that values diversity and inclusion, a company can stand tall through tough economies and create positive change beyond just a product. A company with a healthy culture tends to grow sustainably. Suggest that your team participate in healthy practices for their physical and mental wellbeing. The company’s culture makes a difference in whether or not someone loves or hates their job and that directly affects their performance.

9. Continuous Learning Goals

The players on sports teams are constantly training while working on new tactics to maneuver against their opponents. Similarly in the workplace, team members can dedicate time to personal development by participating in training to increase proficiency in their expertise. Individual players might have different strategies for learning, and taking a refresher course, for example, is another great way to sharpen your existing abilities, helping you to reach new career levels, while contributing to your team’s overall performance.

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