Team management is an important skill and ability that is integral across all industries — everything from startups to pro sports teams and multinational corporations. Let’s break down the definition of team management. At its core, it is the ability of an organization or leader to coordinate the completion of tasks and projects by a team. Breaking it down a bit further, team management involves a few key areas like clear communication, micro and macro goal-setting, and delegation.

Since most teams have been remote for the last year, team management software has taken on a whole new level of importance. We’ve lost the ability to communicate with teammates in person, so that collaboration must take place digitally. Before we dig into some of our favorite team management softwares, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of team management.

Benefits of Team Management

1. Transparent and efficient communication

When a team is properly managed by leadership, communication is efficient, succinct, and clear. Successful team management ensures that goals, next steps, milestones and critical projects are all properly communicated to the team that will be executing them. This helps each team member in both the short and long term because they understand what their responsibilities are and how they’ll be interacting with other team members.

2. Saves everyone time

Because team members are communicating successfully and understand their role in the larger team, projects and tasks are able to be completed at a faster pace. By hosting weekly team check-ins and meetings, a popular team management tool, team leads can bring everyone together and offer a concise update on progress. Who doesn’t want to be more efficient and effective with their time?

3. You’re all working towards the same thing

When employing team management techniques, all goals will be apparent and aligned across the team and business. This makes everyone’s life much easier — think about when you studied for a test in high school. Wasn’t it much easier to study when the teacher told you what chapters you’d be tested on? The same idea applies here. When you know what your goals are, everything else falls into place.

4. You get the big picture perspective

Similarly to the last benefit we stated, proper team management makes sure that everyone has the big picture in mind, even when they’re working on smaller tasks and projects. This helps everyone feel like part of a cohesive team, and will help encourage teamwork. Understanding the big picture is also critical during tough moments of decision making. If everyone understands macro-level goals, they’ll make better decisions for the team.

The Best Team Management Software

Like we said before, team management looks a bit different in 2021. Ahead, we break down some of the best team management softwares for you and your team. Do you have any other favorite team management apps that your team uses? Let us know in the comments below.


Hive Project Management Tools For Nonprofits

Hive is a powerful project management and collaboration tool built to help teams move faster. This team management software is based on sorting tasks, subtasks and projects, which will help keep your team on the same page. Managing a team has never been easier with additional features like resource management and time-tracking, which will help you better understand team member allocation and time spent.


Asana Project Management Tools for Nonprofits

Asana is a great team management software that allows you to manage your team’s projects and tasks on both a small and large scale. With Asana, your team can choose how they want to collaborate on tasks with flexible project views, timelines, boards, and automation. This tool also allows you to integrate with thousands of other tools including the Microsoft Suite and Evernote.


Airtable Workflow Management Tool

Airtable is a helpful team management software that teams of all sizes can use, combining the power of a database with the familiarity of a spreadsheet. This software is great for team management because it provides an easy, intuitive way to track team tasks and assignments in a format, similar to Excel, that most people are familiar with. Additionally, there’s a great app in Airtable called “Scheduler,” which lets you organize your schedule with internal and external parties.


Weekdone Team Management Software

Weekdone is a software that helps managers easily understand teammates tasks and priorities with a few clicks. This tool is specifically useful for tracking goals, milestones, and OKRs, which are monitored through weekly check-ins, feedback, and data visualizations. If you need additional insight, Weekdone can also provide consulting for your team.


Scoro Team Management Software

Scoro is a team management software that integrates many of the tools companies need to track team and project progress. With features like work and meeting scheduling, a shared team calendar, task and project management, and customizable KPI dashboards, you can use Scoro to easily manage a team.


nTask Meeting Tool

nTask is a team management software that works particularly well for agile teams. Aside from being a good project and task manager as the name suggests, nTask also has a number of features specifically designed for team management, including time tracking per employee, early issue tracking, and meeting management.


Clarizen Project Management Software
Clarizen is a team management software built to help teams deliver better ROI in an efficient manner. Clarizen brings together work management, project management and reporting features to help empower your team, and team leadership, to run efficiently. Overall, Clarizen helps you to eliminate misunderstandings, overall chaos, and streamline efforts with features like resourcing, schedules, as well as both project and portfolio management.


Notion Project Management Tools for Nonprofits

Notion is a great team management software — it’s ideal for managing large volumes of notes, documents, and other team-related items. Because one of Notion’s main selling points is its Wiki feature, you can be sure that no past information is lost in the shuffle. With Notion, you can also assign specific tasks to teammates, set a due date, and group them into categories.


ClickUp Wrike Alternatives

ClickUp is a solid team management software for those who want a tool that is intuitive and you can quickly scale up. With ClickUp, task tracking and collaboration on a team is easy with features like resource management, that helps detail timeline and workload, as well as goal tracking and time tracking, which help manage OKRs and timelines. Another perk of ClickUp is that it’s free — you can use the tool at no cost to you.