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Optimize Client Work with this Template

Just getting started on your project management journey? Hive has you covered. As a project management and collaboration tool, we’ve seen many, many simple projects come and go through Hive.

We’ve boiled down those insights and feedback we’ve received to create a client project template built for agencies of all sizes and workflows.

Use this template to understand some of the basic functionality in Hive, how projects can be laid out, how client work and collaboration can coexist, and the overall project planning process. Even if you’ve never worked with a project management tool before, this is the first step to get you set up in Hive correctly.

If you don’t have an existing Hive account, you’ll need to visit this link and create your Hive workspace. From there, templates will be available to use when you create a project, or from the blue “?” in the upper right corner of your workspace. Just click on “Template Library” to navigate to our pre-saved project template list.

If you’re in a client-facing role, you know how hard it can be to manage multiple streams of work from various clients with different deliverables, processes, and workflows. Hive is the best place to centralize all of this information, and this template will allow you to do just that.

This template is designed to help you:

  • Organize multiple concurrent campaigns in Hive
  • Understand timelines and project views
  • Manage due dates and status

First, start by prioritizing larger projects and adding them into Hive as projects. From there, you can add individual action cards that will build up and help with completion of the initiative as a whole.

If you’re managing multiple client projects, it’s best to create a schedule to keep track of deadlines, which is why we love Table view when looking at or planning multiple campaigns. From there, you can toggle the project into calendar view once you’ve plotted out your timelines.

This template includes:

  • Tasks and subtasks
  • Due dates
  • Statuses
  • Labels

Labels have been added here to help you quickly glean insight into action specifics without having to click into the card itself.

Once you kick off a project from this template, you’ll be able to edit all of the tasks, subtasks, due dates, and assignees to fit your specific workflow. If it’s easier, you can just use the template as inspiration or a starting point, and create a separate project based on the part of the template that works for you.

You can also rename this project to be the name of your specific client, or use it as the parent project for client work. To do that, just add a child project underneath.

To access this template, visit the blue “?” in the upper right corner of your workspace. Click “Template Library” and choose your desired template from the drop down.

Want to learn more about Hive? We’ve got you covered. Hive University is a great place to start, as are our weekly demos and webinars, which you can learn more about here.