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Live demo

Join us for a weekly live demonstration of Hive’s capabilities and get all of your questions answered in real-time.

Introducing HiveMind: Your new AI assistant

Learn how to harness the power of AI in your tasks, Notes, and emails with our new AI productivity assistant. 

Track Project Progress With Analytics

Learn more about Hive Analytics add-on and how to use it in your workspace.

Automate Your Project Intake in 30 Minutes

Streamline project creation with Hive Automate. Learn how to set up automation recipes with a few clicks.

All About Hive Analytics Dashboards

Track your team’s productivity and optimize your projects.

Explore Hive University

We’ll take you from the basics to the admin track. Learn more about Hive in your own time.

Get Started With Hive Automate

Learn about the basics of Hive Automate, our powerful integration software.

Three Ways to Use Notes

Leverage Hive Notes to make your meetings more efficient than ever before.

Construct A New Project Intake Process with Hive Forms

Forms are a great way to import information, briefs, and more into Hive.

How to Work With Clients in Hive

Learn how to transform Hive into your one-stop client portal in this recorded webinar.

Agile Management For Everyone

Coordinate your team’s agile workflow, sprints, and more in Hive.

See for yourself why successful teams move faster in Hive.

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