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Mastering Workflow Automation with Connex Digital

Connex’s Director of Growth and Certified Hive Partner Andrès Berte walks through how their team implements Hive Automate. Learn how to build powerful workflows with apps like Hubspot and Slack and gain key insights from workspace data.

Resourcing 2.0

The Hive Team explores all aspects of Resourcing, providing a comprehensive overview of both well-loved features and exciting new updates.

Time Tracking 101: The Basics

Learn how to utilize Hive’s time tracking feature to increase productivity and efficiency in your work.

Automation in Hive: Templates, Workflows, Automate & AI

Take a deep dive into the world of automation with Hive. We provide info about every level of automation we have to offer, from simple templates to powerful tasks.

Power Your Progress with Analytics in Hive

Hive customer MediaLink takes us through their organization’s use of Hive Analytics and how it has helped power their agency progress.

Hive 2.0 Retrospective

Review the past 12 weeks of Hive 2.0 updates and discover what the future of Hive looks like.

Simplifying University Marketing Workflows in Hive

Brooke Van Groningen from WashU Olin School of Business provides her end-to-end intake process, workflow, and organizational system for tracking marketing assets and projects in Hive.

Automating Campaign Management with Hive 2.0

Follow the E2E lifecycle of a campaign – from initial intake and resource allocation to approvals and reporting.

Workspace Setup 101 With Project Views

Learn how to set up your workspace from scratch, including a step-by-step tutorial, live demo, and Q&A session.

Managing Time in Hive

See how resourcing, timesheets, templates and automation can turn your teams into a streamlined powerhouse!

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