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In a world of iPhones, iPods (RIP), AirPods and other smart devices, listening to music all day (i.e. at work, on the way to work, at home) has become the norm. And for good reason — music has incredibly powerful effects on our mood, creativity, and overall happiness. Studies have proven that even sad songs have the ability to lift our mood, bringing people “pleasure and comfort” according to Durham University. The study also noted that people often regulate their mood with music, using different songs and familiar tracks to assuage anxiety and ease emotional discomfort.

But what type of music is the best? That depends on your definition of “best.” If you’re looking to boost positivity, listening to upbeat music for two weeks in a row has been proven to improve people’s happiness, according to a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology. But if you’re looking for music that helps with productivity, there’s a very specific type of track that you should be looking for.

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A study from Dr. Emma Gray and The British CBT and Counseling Service for Spotify found that people generally more relaxed when listening to songs from 50-80 BPM, which is a major productivity booster. According to a piece written on this topic on Quartz, when you hit this BPM sweet spot, “your mind becomes calm, alert, and concentration is heightened. Alpha waves have also been associated with the ‘eureka moment’—a flash of unique insight that triggers when you enter a relaxed, yet focused state of mind. In her findings, Gray notes that it’s not the musical genre but the tempo that has the most to do with creating a state of flow.” This idea of “flow” is one that has long been entrenched in the concept of productivity, so when we heard that word, we were sold.

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Because we’re all about improving and aiding in productivity at Hive, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite songs in this approximate BPM range on our new Hive Productivity Playlist. Here are a few of our favorite tracks from the playlist with more information on their exact BPM. Happy listening!

Sure Thing, Miguel – 81 BPM

Normal Girl, SZA – 76 BPM

Wild Horses, Rolling Stones – 74 BPM

Oh Me, Nirvana – 71 BPM

Gold Roses, Rick Ross & Drake – 80 BPM

I And Love And You, The Avett Brothers – 70 BPM

July, Noah Cyrus – 73 BPM

when the party’s over, Billie Eilish – 83 BPM

Up There, Post Malone – 73 BPM

Cinnamon Girl, Lana Del Rey – 68 BPM

Loose, Daniel Caesar – 70 BPM

Do you have any favorite tracks that you think could be in this BPM range for us to add to our Productivity Playlist? Comment below and we’ll check them out.