You might’ve heard already, but we’re announcing our $10.6M Series A funding round today. We’re so excited to use this money to invest in the future of Hive, which we think is the future of work. In our crystal ball we see fewer meetings, efficient communication, and centralization of tech. Hive is one hub where you can get it all done, and we’re dedicated to making your life at work (and outside work) better. Who doesn’t want fewer pointless status meetings?

To celebrate our $10M funding round, which we’re using to make Hive bigger and better, we’ve rounded up ten reasons people love Hive.

“Hive has allowed us to seamlessly connect, communicate and collaborate between our team members, while being organized and efficient. This software helps us streamline our operations — allowing our team of designers and project managers to communicate and work on projects collaboratively and seamlessly.” – Lindsey S, PG Calc

“Hive is helping us modernize our efforts as a team and help our communication as a team become more centralized. I love the interface and how easy it is to navigate.” – Washington University

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve been doing to help our team stay on track. The new features you are pushing through are amazing and have such a great impact. Thank you for all of your tireless efforts to not just implement the features we request, but understanding and ideating on the best possible solutions for our team needs.” – Essence Global

“I’ve been such a huge proponent of Hive with my team, so much so that it’s a running joke. Do you have a Hive t-shirt or something that I could use to create a Halloween costume?” – Michael Wirtz, The Hackley School

“Starbucks couldn’t roll new stores out so quickly without Hive. We have eliminated miscommunication, saved hours of unnecessary meetings, and achieved full transparency across all our projects.” – Brian Collins, Starbucks

“We’ve seen a 40% decrease in emails within the marketing team and Hive has made our communication much more central.” – Planday

“As a virtual accounting team, we are using Hive not only to document our full range of workflow processes and procedures, but also as an audit trail. Hive keeps us on task and on point with client commitments, and has helped us collaborate with each other more effectively.” – Chantal Sheehan, Your Blue Fox

“Overall, Hive was a great addition to the team. We used to do daily catchups with the stakeholders, which honestly wasted a lot of time in total for the whole team. With Hive, not only are we able to streamline work, it is also accountable and saves times by reducing needs for constant catchups on a daily basis.” – Melvin L, Essence Global

“My company works with local and remote teams. With Hive, we manage and use human resources more assertively. Some of the tools on the platform, such as the management of estimated time to complete the tasks, helps us to work in this mixed regime.” – Wagner A, Gomidia

“Hive is the single best end-to-end project management software on the market. I’ve tried pretty much all of them and they hide critical features behind tiered payment plans unnecessarily. I have team members all across the world and we all use it to stay on top of critical projects daily. I especially love the forms feature for standard or weekly tasks.” – Tyler B, Left Foot Marketing

Do you have any examples of how Hive has revolutionized your work life? Leave them in the comments below!