5 Powerful Ways Using AI Technology Makes My Job As An Editor Easier

AI technology is dramatically changing and improving the content writing process — and as a full-time editor, the power of AI for writing can make the editing job that much easier. No, really. 

If you’re skeptical, hear me out. Let’s take a look at the five most powerful ways AI has helped me in editing, writing and creating content (and how it can help you, too.)

How AI Technology Can Make You A Better Editor

1. It can help prevent spelling and grammar errors

One of the most important, yet sometimes monotonous parts of the editing job is proofreading for basic spelling and grammar mistakes. AI technology is making this process much easier by providing powerful spelling and grammar-checking when a piece is written. For example, if a piece is written using HiveMind — Hive’s newest powerful AI tool — I can trust that spelling will be on par.

And if you’re not sure how something should be written in a piece that’s been written manually, you can ask AI how to properly spell it. Using AI can detect not only basic spelling mistakes but also more complex errors like words or phrases used out of context, too. It can also provide suggestions for rewriting the content for better readability and accuracy.

For example, if I have a paragraph about workplace productivity, but it’s missing something I can ask HiveMind to add to it with a prompt such as: ‘Please add a few sentences to XYZ paragraph.’ Rather than waste valuable time on writing a few sentences to update older content for SEO, or creating a new piece in real-time, I can ask my good friend: HiveMind.

2. It can prevent duplicate content from happening

Here’s another big one: duplicate content. If you’re an editor, you know that this can often be one of the biggest headaches for editors. But AI technology can provide a huge help in detecting any. One example is utilizing a free AI paraphraser to rephrase your content and avoid publishing duplicate content. This can make your job, and the job of your writers, even easier and more efficient. 

3. It removes human error 

As always, know that it’s extremely important to make sure that your content is free of errors. If not, it can make your brand look messy, sloppy or unprofessional. Even more, duplicate content can disrupt your SEO strategy as it confuses search engines and can therefore skew your rankings. And as an editor, we take this responsibility seriously. AI technology can again provide valuable help in this area.

Using HiveMind, I personally find that the technology can quickly detect errors such as poor sentence structure, incorrect punctuation, and wrong usage of words. And let’s face it: human error is always possible and we miss things. AI does not.

4. It can understand (and improve) the context of your content

Here’s another great component of HiveMind: the algorithm is able to understand the context of any content. This is great because it means that, throughout the content creation process, it can provide meaningful momentum in assisting to create quality content. AI knows the best practice when it comes to improving the readability of your content and comprehension.

For example, if a complex paragraph comes my way, I can simply ask HiveMind to reword it with a prompt like: “Rewrite this XYZ paragraph to be easily understood by readers.”

All in all, this can make the job of the editor simpler and more accurate — all within seconds.

5. Writing Style

Besides correcting mistakes and checking for errors, AI can be used to improve the writing style of content, too. For example, HiveMind can help improve the clarity, conciseness, flow and overall readability of any piece I throw its way. As mentioned already, this makes my job as an editor to enhance the writing style of any freelancer exceptionally easy.

And if you’re worried about AI replacing the need for human writers, think again. Many organizations are using AI content detectors to ensure copy isn’t fully written with AI. In this case, it’s a great tool for coming up with ideas and general outlines for your content — and then you can take it from there.

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Overall, AI technology — such as HiveMind — can make a significant positive impact on the editing process. From providing suggestions on spelling, grammar, content duplication, to error checks and writing styles, HiveMind has significant benefits to editors in any field. 

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