Introducing HiveMind: AI Technology To Supercharge Your Team’s Project Planning

Every year, new advancements in using artificial intelligence — also known as AI — become more prevalent. And it’s not just in the tech world, but in the workforce too. Companies are looking to use AI to help their employees work smarter, not harder. And that’s why we’ve created HiveMind.

HiveMind, the newest feature in Hive, takes full advantage of AI to make every team’s workday run more efficiently and streamline workflows by automatically creating a project plan in a matter of seconds. 

Curious to learn more? We’ve got everything you need to know about HiveMind, below.

Hivemind feature

What’s the buzz about artificial intelligence in the workplace?

As Artificial Intelligence models are increasingly being integrated into content and note-taking platforms, Hive is pioneering the usage of the models’ capacity for continuous learning and logical decision-making based on in-depth data.

“Today, superior performance in the marketplace comes from the depth of data you possess, and the ability to apply it quickly,” said John Furneaux, Hive co-founder and CEO.

“HiveMind places the wealth of collective wisdom and team experience at our customers’ fingertips. It can play a vital role in training staff better, acquiring new skills and improving decision making.” – John Furneaux, Hive Co-founder & CEO

What can HiveMind help you do?

Modeled on six years of successful customer projects, HiveMind automatically sets out the steps to accomplish any goal, expediting project planning and execution. Among many other capabilities, HiveMind has the ability to:

  • Create project tasks based on simple suggestions
  • Set next steps from received emails
  • Reply to emails based on the inbound message’s content

In addition to increasing efficiencies in project planning, HiveMind can speed up market research by providing facts, statistics, competitive intelligence and new ideas for brainstorms without having to reference internet searches. Hive customers reported experiencing immediate benefits when using HiveMind.

HiveMind is fully integrated into Action Cards, Hive Mail and Hive Notes. In Notes, HiveMind can be used to instantly create any type of content including business proposals, press releases, job descriptions, meeting agendas or public speeches. All content can be spell checked, translated into a multitude of languages and summarized for clarity. HiveMind is also capable of designing unique images and illustrations that can be used royalty-free.

Check out our HiveMind help center article to learn how you can utilize this feature in Hive today.

Stay ahead of the curve with HiveMind, today

HiveMind is already helping teams around the world — and it can help you, too.

“The arrival of HiveMind has been incredibly exciting for our team. For us, Artificial Intelligence opens up limitless possibilities for faster project execution and growth. We’ve already seen a significant reduction in the onboarding period for new employees and their productivity increased from the get-go. And as a company that operates internationally, we’re looking forward to further benefiting from the collective knowledge and experience of our entire team,” commented Varun Sudhakar, co-founder and CEO of BetDEX Labs.

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