Strategic Planning Template

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Aligning an entire organization to a strategic, long-term plan is crucial for business health. With this strategic planning template, users can map out several aspects of the planning process to help visualize what strategic success looks like for their business. This template comes with larger project phases and smaller sub-phases including customer goals, financial benchmarks, and process improvements. If the specifics of this strategic planning template do not fit your business specifications, simply edit and update each project phase and sub-task.

Because this strategic planning template lives in Hive, several members of your organization can collaborate on it at once and communicate easily.

A few quick tips to effectively use this strategic planning template:

  • The Gantt Chart is the perfect way to lay out long-term strategic goals and actions. With this view you can easily map out major deliverables, set dependencies, and assign due dates.
  • Once the plan is laid out, simply switch to the Kanban Board or Table View to monitor day to day progress in the strategic planning template.
  • Monitor the project and be alerted to any potential risks using Hive Analytics.
  • Quick Tip: Want to easily see what each team member has assigned to them? Check out team view!

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