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Successful marketing starts with a strong marketing plan. Whether you are a small company drafting your first business plan, or a global corporation launching a new product, a marketing strategy helps outline short and long-term goals, timelines and responsibilities. The right marketing plan will streamline workflow, reduce inefficiencies, and jumpstart productivity, which is why this marketing plan template is so important.

This marketing plan template will get you started in Hive by providing a complete framework for a plan of any size, and includes sample categories like social media campaigns, new product launches and market research. Once you’ve laid out tasks, set due dates and tagged key stakeholders,┬áHive provides a variety of views and layouts through which to organize data and tasks. Additionally, the chat functions within Hive maximize marketing creativity and collaboration.

A few quick tips to effectively use this marketing plan template:

  • The Gantt Chart is the perfect way to lay out long-term goals and actions. With this view you can easily map out major deliverables, set dependencies, and assign due dates.
  • Once the plan is laid out, simply switch to the Kanban Board or Table View┬áto monitor day to day progress in the marketing plan template.
  • Monitor the project and be alerted to any potential risks using Hive Analytics.
  • Quick Tip: Want to easily see what each team member has assigned to them? Check out team view!

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