Enterprise project management is a critical part of the workflow at large successful organizations around the world. When you’re thinking about project management at scale, it’s important to think about enterprise project management tools. Before we get into the specifics of the tools that can help take your agency to the next level, let’s dig into the basic definition of enterprise project management.

Enterprise project management is the process of managing projects across a large organization, or enterprise. This will likely involve hundreds of projects, thousands of employees, and many, many tasks that all need to be manage cohesively. When you think about this type of project management, it’s important to consider just how critical the processes used to manage tasks and projects are.

This type of project management is essentially an elevated version of regular project management, where you’re taking into account the goals and objectives of the business as a whole, instead of just the goals of one team or project. Therefore, to manage these goals, milestones, projects and individual tasks, it’s best to have a comprehensive solution that pushes your organization forward. Additionally, there are best practices for choosing a project management tool, which we will outline below.

Benefits of Enterprise Project Management

enterprise project management benefits

When you start to think about the specific benefits that arise for enterprise organizations utilizing project management tools, they’re plentiful. Here are a few of the most obvious upsides to enterprise project management:

  • Clear goals and frameworks across the organization – As teams and companies get larger, having clear goals becomes even more important. Enterprise project management tools will ensure that the goals and frameworks are laid out properly and in a repeatable, understandable format for every individual.
  • Consistent tracking – Enterprise project management tools provide a way to consistently track tasks completed across an organization. This is absolutely critical because there are so many moving parts, and the company will need a tool that can track all progress across every team without getting constant updates from team leads.
  • Centralized communication – Enterprise project management tools are a great way for organizations to streamline communication, as they provide a way for individuals and teams to chat, message, and interact by commenting on tasks and projects.
  • Repeatable processes – When you’re working on an enterprise level, it’s important that you implement a system of repeatable processes. By using an enterprise project management tool with templates, or something similar, you’re able to rinse and repeat with minimal effort.
  • Resourcing – When managing large teams, having resourcing available to better understand bandwidth and avoid burnout is crucial.

Best Enterprise Project Management Tools

1. Hive

Hive Agency Tool

Hive is a comprehensive project management tool that allows enterprise teams to track, monitor, expedite, and streamline projects with ease. Teams at large organizations like Google, Starbucks and Comcast use Hive because of it’s easy-to-use, customizable framework with an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Additional features of Hive include:

  • Flexible project views including Gantt, Kanban, portfolio and calendar view
  • Robust real-time analytics for your team and organization
  • Project and action templates for repeatable workflow automation
  • Easy-to-use resourcing and timetracking
  • Integrations with over 1,000 tools like Slack, Zoom, and Gmail

2. Workfront

Workfront Enterprise Project Management Tool

Workfront is a tool designed specifically for enterprise work management. With Workfront, you can help your company plan, predict, and execute tasks and project across the organization. It’s on our list of best enterprise project management tools because it’s true enterprise solution, but has a higher price point that other tools on this list, but could be worth it for your team.

Additional features of Workfront include:

  • Plan projects strategically with detailed data and analytics
  • Powerful resource management for your team
  • Collaborate digitally with coworkers from anywhere in the world
  • Portfolio planning and management

3. Clarizen

Clarizen Project Management Software

Clarizen’s project management offerings are great for enterprise and smaller teams alike — they’ve actually got two separate offerings, Clarizen One being the preferred enterprise solution. One of the best enterprise project management tools, Clarizen One can help your team stay connected and efficient.

Additional features of Clarizen include:

  • Adaptive dashboards to better view projects and tasks
  • Integrations with other task management systems including Clarizen Go and Jira
  • Ability to have discussions, emails and files linked to tasks
  • Digital proofing and approval process

4. Wrike

Wrike Enterprise Project Management Tools

Wrike is a powerful enterprise project management tool best for creating custom team workflows. This tool is on our list of best enterprise project management tools because you can easily set a timeline, create interactive charts like Gantt view, and easily visualize tasks and next steps. Wrike also allows you to analyze performance with their real-time report building feature.

Additional features of Wrike include:

  • Customizable workspace to streamline day-to-day tasks
  • Track performance and accomplishments via analytics
  • Use Wrike Resource to manage team bandwidth

5. Celoxis

Celoxis Project Management Software

Celoxis is an enterprise project management tool built to help teams run smooth workflows and track resources. It’s included in our list of best enterprise project management tools because it helps teams with project request tracking, project planning, resource management, accounting, and portfolio management. This tool also has a client portal for anyone working with a client that you want to give partial access to.

Additional features of Celoxis include:

  • Project request tracking
  • Ability to create project plans of all sizes
  • Profit and margin tracking
  • Portfolio and KPI management

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet Workflow Management Tool


Smartsheet is an enterprise project management tool that is based on a table view, which looks similar to an Excel spreadsheet. It is on our list of best project management tools because it is easy-to-use and accessible for people who are used to Excel. This tool is cloud-based, and also allows users to switch between a few other data visualization views.

Some additional features of Smartsheet include:

  • Shared workspaces and sheets for team collaboration
  • Ability to upload files to a sheet or row
  • Advanced reporting and metrics
  • Permission levels to control who can make changes

7. Basecamp


Basecamp is a cloud-based tool built for enterprise project management that has tons of features for individuals, project managers or large teams that enables collaboration on tasks. Some of the features include to-do lists for tasks, which can be assigned to different users, and tasks that the system will automatically follow up on when the due date lapses.

Some additional features of Basecamp include:

  • Hill Charts that let you track project progress over time
  • Message boards for teams
  • Scheduler that plots out timing for each project and task
  • Document and file storage

Does your enterprise team use another project management tool that we should consider for this article? Do you have any project management tips or tricks that you can share? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts.