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18 Best Enterprise Project Management Tools For Your Organization in 2024

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Enterprise project management is a critical part of the workflow at large successful organizations around the world. When you’re thinking about project management at scale, it’s important to think about enterprise project management tools. Before we get into the specifics of the tools that can help take your business to the next level, let’s dig into the basic definition of enterprise project management.

Enterprise project management is the process of managing projects across a large organization, or enterprise. This will likely involve hundreds of projects, thousands of employees, and many, many tasks that all need to be manage cohesively. When you think about this type of project management, it’s important to consider just how critical the processes used to manage tasks and projects are.

This type of project management is essentially an elevated version of regular project management, where you’re taking into account the goals and objectives of the business as a whole, instead of just the goals of one team or project. Therefore, to track these goals, milestones, projects and individual tasks, it’s best to have a comprehensive enterprise project management solution that pushes your organization forward.

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5 Benefits of Enterprise Project Management

When you start to think about the specific benefits that arise for enterprise organizations utilizing project management systems, they’re plentiful. Here are a few of the most obvious upsides to enterprise project management:

1. Clear goals and frameworks across the organization.

As teams and companies get larger, having clear goals becomes even more important. Enterprise project management tools will ensure that the overall business goals and frameworks are laid out properly and in a repeatable, understandable format for every individual.

2. Consistent tracking.

Enterprise project management tools provide a way to consistently track tasks completed across an organization. This is absolutely critical because there are so many moving parts, and the company will need a comprehensive solution that can track all progress across every team without getting constant updates from team leads.

3. Centralized communication.

Enterprise project management tools are a great way for organizations to streamline communication, as they provide a way for individuals and teams to chat, message, and interact by commenting on tasks and projects.

4. Repeatable processes.

When you’re working on an enterprise level, it’s important that you implement a system of repeatable processes. By using an enterprise project management tool with templates, or something similar, you’re able to rinse and repeat with minimal effort.

5. Resourcing.

When managing large teams, having resourcing available to better understand bandwidth and avoid burnout is crucial.

The Best Enterprise Project Management Tools

1. Hive

Hive is a comprehensive project management tool for teams of all sizes — including at the enterprise-level — that allows organizations to track, monitor, expedite, and streamline projects with ease. Teams at large organizations like Google, Starbucks and Comcast use Hive because of it’s easy-to-use, customizable framework with an aesthetically pleasing interface.

Hive is also known for it’s affordability, especially in comparison to other leading enterprise tools on the market. Hive Teams plans begin at $12 monthly per user, with the option to create a custom Enterprise pricing plan for your organization’s specific needs. You can request a demo with a Hive Collaboration Consultant to learn more.

Some features of Hive that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Flexible project views including Gantt, Kanban, portfolio and calendar view
  • Robust real-time analytics for your team and organization
  • Project and action templates for repeatable workflow automation
  • Easy-to-use resourcing and timetracking
  • Integrations with over 1,000 tools like Slack, Zoom, and Gmail
  • Goal-setting app to track OKRs and KPIs, Hive Goals

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2. Adobe Workfront

Adobe workfront dashboard view

Adobe Workfront is a tool designed specifically for enterprise work management. With Workfront, you can help your company plan, predict, and execute tasks and project across the organization. It’s on our list of best enterprise project management tools because it’s true enterprise solution, but has a higher price point that other tools on this list, but could be worth it for your team.

Some features of Workfront that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Plan projects strategically with detailed data and analytics
  • Powerful resource management for your team
  • Collaborate digitally with coworkers from anywhere in the world
  • Portfolio planning and management

3. Planview

Clarizen Project Management Software

Planview’s project management offerings are great for enterprise and smaller teams alike. Planview AdaptiveWork, formerly known as Clarizen, is the tool’s preferred enterprise solution. As of the best enterprise project management tools, Planview aims to help PMOs gain real-time visibility across all their work, automate workflows and proactively manage risks.

Some features of Planview that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Adaptive dashboards to better view projects and tasks
  • Integrations with other task management systems like Jira
  • Ability to have discussions, emails and files linked to tasks
  • Digital proofing and approval process

4. Wrike

Wrike Enterprise Project Management Tools

Wrike is a powerful enterprise project management tool best for creating custom team workflows. This tool is on our list of best enterprise project management tools because you can easily set a timeline, create interactive charts like Gantt view, and easily visualize tasks and next steps. Wrike also allows you to analyze performance with their real-time report building feature.

Some features of Wrike that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Customizable workspace to streamline day-to-day tasks
  • Track performance and accomplishments via analytics
  • Use Wrike Resource to manage team bandwidth

Comparison: Learn about the top Wrike alternatives on the market.

5. Celoxis

Celoxis Project Management Software

Celoxis is an enterprise project management tool built to help teams run smooth workflows and track resources. It’s included in our list of best enterprise project management tools because it helps teams with project request tracking, project planning, resource management, accounting, and portfolio management. This tool also has a client portal for anyone working with a client that you want to give partial access to.

Some features of Celoxis that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Project request tracking
  • Ability to create project plans of all sizes
  • Profit and margin tracking
  • Portfolio and KPI management

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet Workflow Management Tool

Smartsheet is an enterprise project management tool that is based on a table view, which looks similar to an Excel spreadsheet. It is on our list of best project management tools because it is easy-to-use and accessible for people who are used to Excel. This tool is cloud-based, and also allows users to switch

Some features of Smartsheet that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Shared workspaces and sheets for team collaboration
  • Ability to upload files to a sheet or row
  • Advanced reporting and metrics
  • Permission levels to control who can make changes

Comparison: Learn about the top Smartsheet alternatives on the market.

7. Basecamp


Basecamp is a cloud-based tool built for enterprise project management that has tons of features for individuals, project managers or large teams that enables collaboration on tasks. Some of the features include to-do lists for tasks, which can be assigned to different users, and tasks that the system will automatically follow up on when the due date lapses.

Some features of Basecamp that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Hill Charts that let you track project progress over time
  • Message boards for teams
  • Scheduler that plots out timing for each project and task
  • Document and file storage

Comparison: Learn about the top Basecamp alternatives on the market.

8. Jira

jira project management board

Jira is a bug-tracking enterprise project management tool that started as a software primarily used by engineering and development teams. Currently, it’s used by a variety of teams all over the world, but its

Some features of Jira that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Customizable scrum boards
  • Roadmaps
  • Individual team actions
  • Kanban boards

Comparison: Learn about the top Jira alternatives on the market.

9. LiquidPlanner


LiquidPlanner is an intelligent PM software that uses automated scheduling and forecasting to keep you and your team on the same page. With LiquidPlanner, you can set project and task-level priorities, as well as estimated ranges for task and project completion.

Some LiquidPlanner features that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Automated resource leveling
  • Time tracking
  • Baseline tracking
  • Dashboards

10. Workzone

Workzone Project Management Tool

Workzone is a great enterprise project management software used by teams around the world to manage large-scale projects. This tool helps teams unite and deliver projects on time successfully, with minimal miscommunication.

Some features of Workzone that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Project dashboard that provides a big-picture view
  • Project templates for rinse-and-repeat formatting
  • To-do lists and Gantt charts for project tracking
  • Workload reports for high-level analytics

11. Nifty

nifty dashboard

Nifty is a great enterprise project management software tool with over 1,000 integrations – including built-in Zoom, Teams, Google video calls, as well as Google Workspace.  Nifty lets you track projects with built-in discussions, milestones, automation, time tracking and more. You can create simple to-do lists  all the way to full-blown projects with automated progress reporting.

There is time tracking for efficiency and smart decision making, as well as reporting with overviews across all projects. Nifty allows you to keep documents and files in an organized hub for each project and customize each project’s home screen to fit your workflow.

Some features of Nifty that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Discussions for focused collaboration
  • Use Gantt Charts to visualize project milestones
  • Tasks to facilitate detailed organizing, prioritizing and managing
  • Project Portfolios for better organization and automation

12. Asana

Asana Kanban software board view

Asana is another good enterprise management tool. It is an online project management platform that helps teams stay organized, collaborate, and get work done more efficiently. Asana’s features include task management, conversation threads, custom workflows, project templates, project metrics, and meeting scheduling. Additionally, Asana integrates with various third party tools, making it a versatile for

Some features of Asana that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Reporting capability
  • Goal tracking
  • Portfolio management

13. MeisterTask

meistertask enterprise pm

MeisterTask is a task management tool that offers features to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. With MeisterTask, you can create customizable project boards, assign tasks to team members, and track progress in real-time. The platform facilitates collaboration through features like task comments, file attachments, and activity logs, helping everyone stay connected and informed. MeisterTask also integrates with other tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zapier, enabling communication and automation across your existing workflow. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make onboarding an easy process for your team. MeisterTask provides enterprise-level management capabilities, making it a noteworthy solution for teams looking to increase their productivity and improve their project management processes.

Some features of MeisterTask that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Advanced task automation through integrations
  • Deadline reminders and notifications
  • Customizable project dashboards
  • Task dependencies and time tracking
  • Reporting and analytics features for performance evaluation

14. Mavenlink by Kantata

mavenlink by kantata resource management dashboard

Mavenlink by Kantata is an enterprise project that supports your company’s resource management, business intelligence and team collaboration. Mavenlink offers real-time utilization and margins at the project and event at the task level. You are also able to integrate Mavenlink with several 3rd party applications. Custom pricing is available upon request. 

Some features of Mavenlink that make it a great enterprise project management tool:

  • Resource forecasting
  • Capacity management
  • Skills management
  • Scenario planning 
  • Role-based planning

15. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan dashboard

Toggl Plan is a project management easy to use and manage if you are working at scale. As with any other project management tool, Toggl Plan offers timelines, project boards, resource management and reporting features. It’s on Toggl Plan Business package that most enterprises will find all the capabilities they need, such as workplace guests, for external stakeholders; data export, excellent for data intelligence and analysis; Single sign-on (SSO) and priority support. Another great feature of Toggl Plan for workload management is its Chrome and Firefox extension that allows you to create a task on any page you visit with the click of a button. If you’re shopping for project management for your enterprise, Toggl Plan doesn’t require a credit card to try their platform for free. If after the free trial, you decide to use Toggl Plan for your team, their Business plan costs $13.35 per user/per month and comes with additional features availability overview, time off, timeline compact view, and project board compact view. Some of the drawbacks of Toggl Plan for enterprise is its limited customization, no version history and limited integration. Pricing can be a bit expensive for larger organizations if you opt to include their add-ons.

16. Airtable

Airtable dashboard layout

Airtable is a flexible enterprise project management because it was built with a lot of flexibility in mind. This low-code and easy-to-follow platform allows integrations with the most popular tools, including Google Workspace, Slack, Facebook and Twitter. One of the big highlights of Airtable as project management is the interface and real collaborative experience, with the ability to see projects and tasks on grid-like view, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and calendar views. Regarding onboarding, Airtable offers live online webinars, documentation, and video training.

Airtable has a free plan that includes up to 5 creators or editors; you can create unlimited bases, unlimited commenter and read-only users, up to 1,000 records per base and a total of 1GB of attachment per base. The Team plan costs $20/month and allows 50,000 records per base and 20 GB of attachments per base.

Some of the features that make Airtable a good alternative to enterprise project management platforms:

  • Real-time editing, commenting, and file sharing.
  • Highly customizable platform, which allows businesses to create project management workflows that are tailored to their specific needs.
  • Flexibility and scalability to assist businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.
  • Role-based permissions
  • Integrations

17. Float

Float view

Float is an enterprise project management and resource allocation tool with basic features. The application offers planning, scheduling and time-tracking solutions. You are able to manage your team, plan projects and forecast budgets. Your team members can easily log timesheets while you can monitor the time spent on tasks. If you need to schedule and relocate teams, that can be done with Float too. The solution for enterprises include personalized training, priority support and domain restrictions. You can try Float for up to 30 days for free, but after that you will need to pay to continue using the platform. Its starter plan can hold up to 30 people for $6 per person a month. While Float’s Pro plan costs $10 per person a month. If you are an enterprise, you will need to reach out to their sales team to get an estimate.

Some of the features that make Float a good alternative to enterprise project management platforms:

  • Time-tracking
  • Forecast budgets
  • Schedule projects
  • Create schedule
  • Allocate resources

18. Notionnotion goal tracking

Although mostly known for its note-taking capabilities, Notion has been improving to be a good project management tool for collaboration and task management for enterprises. The platform lets you create customizable databases and support real-time collaboration. Notion offers a few different views, so you can see your projects in a board, timeline, calendar, list, gallery or table view. As with many other project management software, Notion also has an AI assistant that can help you kick-off a project, find information about a project and improve your writing.

Some of the features that make Notion a good alternative to enterprise project management platforms:

  • Customizable databases, offering flexibility in organizing and structuring information.
  • Collaboration and real-time editing, allowing teams to modify documents simultaneously, and leave comments.
  • Documentation and knowledge base, allowing teams to create and maintain project-related documents, wikis, and centralized knowledge bases.
  • Integration and embedding: Notion supports integrations with various third-party tools and services.

Does your enterprise team use another project management tool that we should consider for this article? Do you have any project management tips or tricks you can share? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.

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