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The 15 Best Goal Tracking Apps To Succeed In 2024

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With each new year, we set goals to be more productive and reach new heights in both our business and personal lives. But how do we get there? And where do we start? If you are excited about staying organized and being productive but absolutely overwhelmed with all the options out there, you are not alone. A simple Google search will return hundreds of goal tracking apps, many of which have functionality way above and beyond what you need or may not have any features you would find helpful.

But before you give up or decide to go with a random goal tracking app, take a deep breath and keep reading this article. You’re in luck, because we’ve been researching too! We did the heavy lifting and are sharing our picks for the best goal tracking apps on the market to help us all stay organized, plan tasks ahead of time, and meet deadlines.

Choosing the Best Goal Tracking App For You

Okay, so we need to do a little brainstorming before jumping into these goal tracking apps. Remember how we just mentioned that some of these apps will have an insane amount of functionality? So before you choose the perfect app, set some parameters first. It’s not like you would buy snow boots for a trip to the tropics, right? It’s the same with this type of tracking app. You wouldn’t want to buy an app that didn’t perform in the way you hoped.

So, ask yourself the following questions to narrow down the best goal tracking app for you:

Try Hive - Goals

What will it cost?

From a free version to a premium version, you’ve got options. While there are some great free options on this list, you may find yourself needing to upgrade to the premium version to unlock additional functionality. So keep an open mind, and maybe an open wallet.

How do you keep track of your goals?

This question relates to the platforms and channels you are most likely to use for goal tracking. One of the most popular debates: iOS vs. Android. While most of these apps have downloadable options on both platforms, there are a few that are only available on one platform or the other, so make sure the one you love is on a system you use.

Does it have goal tracking capabilities that work for you?

While it seems silly to ask if your goal tracking app has goal tracking capabilities, it is a legitimate question. Some of us love to have apps that go off at specific times to tell us what goals we are supposed to be working on. Others love tasks that just take up space and remind us when a goal is completed. How often you want your goal tracking app to interact with you is a personal choice.

Can you work in the software?

Move on if you can’t figure out the software or if it is overcomplicated. Wasting time figuring out the complicated functionality of an app that is supposed to help with productivity is both ironic and highly counterproductive. Instead, settle on a user-friendly app that you can see yourself using daily.

Does it provide you with what you need?

What are your specific goals? Do you need this goal tracking app to track your personal life (okay, soccer practice, we’re looking at you), or do you need a task management platform for your work that is very robust and can be used with multiple people? Determine your what, and keep that in mind as you assess the key functionalities of various goal tracking apps.

The Top Goal Tracking Apps of 2024

Now that you’ve mapped out your ideal budget and capabilities for a goal tracking app, it’s time to start looking at the tools themselves. Here’s what you need to know about some of the best goal tracking apps on the market.

1. Hive

Hive Goals

Hive is one of the best goal tracking apps for individuals or teams who want to boost productivity and stay on track. In addition to tracking projects, teams love using Hive to collaborate on tasks, share updates in chats, take meeting notes and much more. So how exactly do you use Hive to reach your project goals?

With Hive Goals, you can set goals, visualize progress, and keep everyone aligned in one centralized dashboard. This interactive Goals dashboard is much more than a list of end points — it’s your North Star. Easily create unlimited goals for yourself or share them with your team so that everyone understands what they’re contributing to. You can also assign a goal to relevant teammates, track activity, and give yourselves a deadline.

Hive Goals - create goal

In addition to Hive’s collaborative Goals App, My Actions view is a great individual tool to keep track of all of your upcoming tasks in one place in Hive. This view allows you to see all actions assigned to you, grouped by project. On the other hand, if you’re a manager and want to track progress towards your goals from a higher level, you can utilize Hive’s Gantt chart view or Project overview module.

So whether you’re setting individual or team goals, Hive can help you reach them more efficiently than ever before. The best part? You can try Hive totally free for 14 days.

Try Hive - Goals

Key Features of Hive:

  • Task management
  • Timesheets, time-tracking and workflow automation
  • Over 1,000 integration options, including Jira, Gmail, Zoom and Salesforce
  • Collaborative note-taking
  • Native chat and email integrations
  • Detailed, real-time analytics
  • Web and desktop apps

Download Here: iPhone & iPad, Android

2. Todoist

Todoist claims to “free up your mental space by getting all those tasks out of your head and onto your to-do list.” Its various features help improve workflow by giving you an abundance of options and integrations to — you guessed it — create to-do lists. It provides you with the opportunity to see your single day or your “Next 7” days to get a birds-eye view of your upcoming tasks. Also, if you live and die by your Gmail, this app has a Gmail integration and a chrome extension that keeps all your devices connected seamlessly.

Key Features of Todoist:

  • Perfect if you want to get granular with your days
  • Great integrations
  • Easy to update and create new tasks
  • Available as a free version, or you can upgrade to either Pro ($3) or business ($5)

3. Coach.me

Coach Me dashboard

Coach.me is one of the leading personal goal tracking apps — and for a good reason. If you want to develop a new habit or banish a bad one, this is the app to check out. This app helps get to the root of a habit (good or bad) and will track progress with reminders and weekly reports. Users can also join the Coach.me community where they will receive support and love from those trying to better their habits.

While Coach.me might not be the best app for those looking to set up meetings or track the status of the latest TPS report, it is a fantastic app for those who want to create and build good habits. I’m setting mine up to train for that next 5k!

Key Features:

  • Great to help build and encourage good habits
  • Uses a questionnaire to find your goals
  • Has a support community
  • Available as a free download, or you can upgrade to $25 for coaching services

4. LifeRPG

LifeRPG dashboard

Some of us don’t find the motivation to move around tasks or update lists, which is why LifeRPG is an outside-the-box alternative. LifeRPG is a tracking app that approaches tasks as one big game. The user creates the tasks, levels up, earns points, and performs different quests within the day. You can also add new skills and organize your missions by a set level of priorities, such as fitness, art, or even your energy level.

While this goal tracking app might not be the one for you and your business cohorts, it is a fun, gamified approach to tracking personal goals that take a different approach to tasks that keep them fun and lighthearted.

Key Features:

  • Many icons or emojis to use with custom missions
  • Uses a reward system to encourage task completion
  • “Game” your way through your tasks
  • Free or you can download for $1.99 for a version without ads

5. Strides


Strides is a powerful and easy-to-use goal tracking app with a ton of integrated features. If you like charts, graphs, and data snapshots of your progress, then Strides should be your go-to. Strides can let you track at the granular level — by day — or even see your years rolling out before you. It all syncs together to give you a progress report of your latest stats, so you can see how far you are from accomplishing your goals.

Key Features:

  • Has 4 unique tracking screens to pick from
  • Progress reports capture all tasks both completed and in-progress
  • Fully synced across all your IOS devices, including the Apple watch
  • Free, but offers in-app purchases.

6. Habitica.com

If you were underwhelmed with LifeRPGs graphics or bummed that it wasn’t available for your iPhone, I would like to introduce you to Habitica. Also in the “game play” category of goal tracking apps, Habitica, was built using pixilated characters that have the same movement and feel as older video games from the late 80s.

This app uses gaming mechanics to track habits and set goals and to-do lists. Once you complete tasks, you have access to enhanced gameplay to improve your character’s skills and magic, such as picking up cool armor or weapons for battle. Love having a custom avatar that you can use slay foul beasts after checking off to-do lists from your day? This is the app for you.

Key Features:

  • Uses a reward system when you complete tasks
  • Can join other “Habiticans” to earn in-game points and gold to trade for custom rewards
  • Has sample tasks and goals that are helpful to get started
  • Available as a free download to a $9 monthly subscription for a team. Users can also purchase or earn “gems” in-game for armor, weapons, and more upgrades.

7. GoalsWon

Goalswon dashboard

If you want to take your goal-driven strides to the next level, why not put accountability into the mix? Here’s something unique: a goal tracker that pairs you with a real-life accountability coach. GoalsWon has the practical features of your favorite goal tracking apps, like goal planning and analytics, complete with charts and graphs to track progress. But what sets it apart is that you get a professional to hold you accountable for the goals you’re tracking every day.

Your pro coach provides daily support, accountability, and advice based on proven behavioral techniques. Does your usual tracker make you feel totally isolated as you check off your to-do lists? Here’s the personal touch you might be looking for.

Key Features of GoalsWon:

  • Get personalized 7-day-a-week support from a dedicated accountability coach
  • Plan goals in specific timeframes and get professional feedback and advice
  • Take advantage of custom reporting and progress tracking
  • Get results-driven accountability coaching for as low as $2 – $3 a day

8. Way of Life

Way of Life app

Way of Life is an app that helps you to break bad habits and build good ones. In an easy color-coded system of yes and no questions, you are able to track your performance in less than a minute. The app offers accountability graphics that report your activities. The reminder feature helps to keep you on track until your goal is achieved. Way of Life has a diary function that allows you to write about what has been triggering a bad habit, for example. One of the drawbacks that sets it apart from other leading goal tracking apps is the absence of KPIs or OKRs.

Key features of Way of Life:

  • Track goals using a unique color-coded yes and no system
  • Daily reminders to keep you on track
  • Diary function
  • Charts lets you see the bigger picture in the daily, monthly, weekly and yearly basis

9. Toodelo

toodledoo UI across platforms

Another one of the best apps for goal tracking is Toodelo. This app offers to-do lists, but also allows you to write long notes, make custom lists and assign tasks and track your habits. Toodledo offers collaborative features, so you can share your lists and notes with your friends, family and co-workers. The app also has a functionality to automate tasks, so you can save time by scheduling recurring tasks.

Key features of Toodelo:

  • Custom to-do lists
  • Attach files
  • Create repeating tasks
  • Get reminders based on your current location
  • View tasks on a calendar

10. Leapsome

Leapsome dashboard

Leapsome is a platform that allows you to keep track and collaborate on goals at all organization levels. The software is simple, modular, flexible and scalable, offering superior analysis features and seamless integrations. The tool combines performance management, employee engagement, OKRs, and learning. Leapsome is fully compliant with enterprise-level security, ISO 27001 certification and GDPR compliance.

Key Features:

  • Goal dashboards
  • Progress timelines
  • Sync 1:1 & Reviews
  • Customize goals visibility 
  • OKR template

Other goal tracking apps to consider

11. Productive

Available on both iOS and Android, Productive allows you to set personal goals, keep track of your progress, and ultimately keep your focus on what makes you more productive! Productive lets you keep notes on your habits and has programs designed to keep you on track with your goals. There are challenges to motivate you: you can see how you size up amongst users from all over the world.

The app also features specially curated articles with personalized expert insights. You can customize your habits and goals using icons and colors, and keep track of personal stats. Turn on notifications and always remember to stick with what you set out to get accomplished! 

12. Trello

You may need to take a 3-month prep course for an exam or start a weekly physical training for an upcoming 5k run, and setting goals and keeping track of them is the most effective way to achieve success. Mostly used as a project management tool, Trello is a software that can also be used to help you to track your personal goals.

Just like you would create a set of tasks for a team project, you can build personal projects and assess your ongoing achievements. Create Kanban boards and Gantt charts to visualize short and long term aspirations over various spans of time. The assorted views can help you to get a different perspective over your progress. Trello also allows you to set reminders for repetitive tasks.

Learn about other similar tools in our guide to the best Trello alternatives on the market.

13. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is a great option if you’d like to track goals throughout a project with your team. With multiple ways to view your projects, from lists to Gantt charts, everyone can see how things are moving along easily. Collaborating with the software’s chat and commenting features keep communication flowing seamlessly between team members. The intuitive dashboard is straightforward when assigning tasks to your team and setting goals with defined deadlines.

ProProf Project also features AI-powered reports that can be viewed over set periods, enabling you to analyze progress and adjust the workflow as needed to hit your targets.

14. Progress

Progress is a goal tracking app that helps you identify performance trends through historical data. Check the history of past activities and measure your progress with the help of visual charts right on your dashboard. The tool includes advanced Siri and offers shortcuts that support unlocking advanced integrations and powerful home screen widgets.

15. GoalsOnTrack

Labeled as “a goal software for high achievers,” GoalsOnTrack lets you create SMART goals, and break them into long-term, milestones or sub-goals. The tool also allows you to organize your goals into categories and to set up recurring tasks so that you can track your schedule accordingly. Do you need to adjust your day? Make a change by simply dragging and dropping tasks on your calendar to revise your schedule.

Do you have other goal tracking solutions that you think should be on this list? Comment below and share your favorite goal tracking apps with us!

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