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The Best Wrike Alternative

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Plan projects, complete work, and collaborate all in Hive's centralized platform. With insights powered by machine learning, your team will get things done more efficiently. Read on for more information on this Wrike alternative.

HiveHive WrikeWrike
Unlimited Storage
Customizable Features
Kanban Board
Gantt Chart
Label View
Native Messaging
Native Email
Files Integration
Mobile and Desktop Apps

Features to Fall in Love With 😍


Predictive Analytics

Cancel those project status meetings and let our predictive analytics, powered by machine learning, do the work for you.


Native Messaging

How many windows do you have open right now? Close them. Open Hive. Time to centralize messaging, files, and tasks.

Action Template

Action Templates

Doing the same task over and over again? Save time by creating an action template and remove the manual setup each time.

External Users

External Users

Collaborating with your favorite freelancer or client? Invite them to work in Hive on one shared project.

Summary View

Summary Views

Stop reviewing useless reports. Consolidate the projects and team members you care about in a custom summary view.



If Hive can’t do it, we have an integration that can! Connect directly with Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom, and 1,000+ popular tools.

Pack up your stuff, you’re moving to Hive.

Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle. Import your projects into Hive instantly so your team can move forward without delay.

Try it now for free. No credit card needed.

Wrike Hive

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