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Analyze work

Plan projects, track work, and execute flawless campaigns with Hive’s centralized platform. Utilize flexible analytics to track progress and proactively spot risks.

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Flexible Project Views

Work your way

Hive’s flexible project views, which include Kanban, Gantt, portfolio, calendar, table and summary view, allow for customization of the platform throughout your team. Visualize data in the way that works for you.
Hive Kanban View
My Actions

Your personal dashboard

View all actions assigned to you in one simple list with My Actions. All actions will be broken out by project for easy access, as well as broken out into current, future, completed, and “assigned by me” tasks.
My Actions View
Hive Analytics

Power your productivity

Monitor individual or team progress with robust Hive Analytics. Utilize customizable dashboards to track project completion, actions completed per individual, most productive days of the week, and overdue actions by project.

Centralize processes

Why utilize disparate tools across your organization that make it harder to streamline information? Bring all data, tasks, projects, and coworkers together with Hive.

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Forms and Templates

Repeatable workflows

Gather and parse a variety of data with Hive Forms. Utilize Hive Templates to create repeatable tasks and projects that can be duplicated at a moment’s notice.
Lean Project Management
Proofing and Approvals

Creative collaboration

Simplify feedback loops and approval cycles with the ability to assign approvals, share proofs, and provide feedback. Approve proofs on-the-go with proofing on mobile.
Proofing and Approvals

Seamless progress

Enable automation in Hive by creating buttons that trigger the completion of a workflow. With the click of a button you can move a card to a different project, change an assignee, add labels, subactions, and apply a template.
Hive Automation

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Join thousands of agencies and brands moving faster with Hive’s powerful project management and collaboration software.

Streamline communication

Access all of the information needed to complete a task by working collaboratively with team members across your organization.

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Hive Mail

Integrated email inbox

A first-of-its-kind email integration, Hive Mail pulls your Gmail or Outlook inbox into Hive itself. When you open an email in Hive Mail you can even attach the email to a new or existing task.
Hive Mail
Assignee and Comments

Transfer work

Assign individual action cards to teammates to let them know you’re passing a task over to them. Utilize comments on the card to flag any potential issues, communicate on task transfer, or attach necessary files.
Hive Comments
Hive Chat

Communicate internally

Enable Hive Chat or integrate Slack with Hive to streamline communication across the board. Ideal for remote working, Hive Chat also allows you to “alert” a co-worker to an action by dragging and dropping it into the chat window.
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Access all the information needed to complete a task by assigning team members, attaching files, creating subactions.

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Access all the information needed to complete a task by assigning team members, attaching files, creating subactions.

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