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  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Project Layouts

    Organize projects in a Gantt chart, Kanban board, table, or calendar, and easily switch between each layout. Updates are reflected across all project views so the whole team is informed no matter what option they use.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Automated Workflows

    Design custom workflows and automate routine tasks to streamline processes and communication.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Summary Views

    Combine several projects and view the big picture across your company or department. Projects can be sorted by current status, team member, or assigned labels.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Action Templates

    Plan and repeat tasks easily using action templates. Lay out all required steps in a reusable action template to assign tasks to the right people, at the right time.

  • iconCreated with Sketch. Smartsheet Import

    Get started with Hive in a few clicks with our new Smartsheet import functionality. Transfer all data from Smartsheet with ease.



  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Action Cards

    Access all the information needed to complete a task by assigning team members, attaching files, creating subactions, setting dependencies, and commenting directly on the action card.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. My Action List

    A personal to-do list, created in Hive, that compiles all tasks assigned to you across all projects.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Proofing & Approvals

    Simplify feedback loops and approval cycles with the ability to assign approvals, share proofs, and provide feedback.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Forms

    Collect the important information you need to work on a project. Forms can be sent outside your organization to gather information from clients and customers

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Salesforce

    Automatically kick off project templates in Hive when Opportunities are closed in Salesforce.



  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Hive Analytics

    By leveraging AI and machine learning, Hive Analytics provides interactive and customizable dashboards to gain actionable insights on team productivity and proactively spot risks.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Resourcing

    Manage team utilization across specific projects or clients by accurately allocating current and future resources.

  • Combined ShapeCreated with Sketch. Time Tracking

    Estimate and track time spent on projects for accurate resource allocation, client billing, and project planning.

Coming Soon
  • Action Reorder

    The ability to reorder action and project custom fields.

  • Email To Action Card

    Ability to create email thread from an action card.

  • Timesheets

    Record time spent on specific projects or tasks by filling out timesheets directly in Hive.

Coming Soon

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