Webinar: Introduction to Hive

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn all the basics for getting set up in Hive. We’ll go over how to use and set up messaging, how to create and update actions, and how to use and organize projects.   Check out some of our other webinars: Hive Analytics Webinar 5 Strategies for Improving Creative Workflow

Webinar: 5 Strategies for Improving Creative Workflow

Collaboration can be a real pain. Changing clients demands. Endless email chains. Unclear expectations and goals. Late nights at the office to make a pressing deadline. Does it always have to be so chaotic? Definitely not. That’s why we’ve developed 5 key strategies for streamlining workflow on your creative team. In this actionable webinar, you’ll

Webinar: Intro to Hive Analytics

Hive Analytics Hive Analytics allows your team to access real-time insights into workplace productivity.¬† In this webinar, we’ll go over all the important tips and tricks for getting the most out of Hive Analytics. Specifically, this webinar covers: how to navigate the analytics dashboards¬†to gain insights on your team productivity how to set up Pulse