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Import from Asana

Are you frustrated with Asana’s lack of email and notes integration? Bring all of your notes, emails, tasks and projects into Hive.

Import from Smartsheet

Bring your work into a more robust and advanced project management tool in seconds. Seamlessly import your key projects, tasks, notes, and more into Hive.

Import from Trello

We’re so much more than a Kanban board. If you need a full, comprehensive project management tool, import your work into Hive.

Import from Basecamp

Need a project management tool that actually helps you work faster? Import all of your work into Hive and start moving at hyper-speed.

Import from Email

If you’re using email alone to manage your projects, we’ve got a secret for you. You can bring all of your emails, and the resulting work, into Hive with a few clicks.

Import from Calendar

Busy schedule? Endless follow-ups? Bring your meetings, tasks, and projects together in Hive with our My Day functionality.

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