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Templates for all teams

Quick-start any type of project in Hive with our 100s of templates.

Run A Marketing Agency

Manage multiple successful client engagements and campaigns with this simple project management template.


Template includes:

  • Actions & Subactions
  • Custom fields
  • Milestones

Content Calendar

Streamline all content across platforms with this simple content calendar.


Template includes:

  • Proofing & approvals
  • Labels
  • Time tracking

Event Calendar

Coordinate your organization’s event calendar in Hive to ensure all planning is completed and your team is in alignment. 


Template includes:

  • Actions & subactions
  • Labels
  • Dependencies

Case Study Program

The creation of marketing materials like case studies can be complex, but we’ve simplified the tracking and monitoring for you. 


Template includes:

  • Actions & subactions
  • Labels 
  • Custom statuses

Creative Work

Ideal for teams looking to create, proof, and share creative work internally or externally.


Template includes:

  • Approval logs
  • Asset proofing
  • Tasks & subtasks

strategic planning

Plan and track
marketing activities

Align on marketing goals, programs and campaigns across the entire organization.


Get your team on the
same page

Collaborate across marketing, creative and external teams in a single workspace.


Tools for marketing success

Brainstorm ideas with Hive Notes. Share next steps directly from your Note or link it to an upcoming meeting.

Plan initiatives with Project Navigator. Track project status, assignees, and due date from one central location.

Plan content with in Calendar view to better understand how your team is pacing.

Automate campaigns with Hive Automate. Send automated reminders and updates to your team.

Manage team workload with the Resourcing app, or track time on individual actions with Time Tracking.

Track success with the Analytics app, export high-level insights, and keep tabs on progress.

Campaign management

Deliver campaigns on
time and on budget

Create and monitor your brand and marketing campaigns with ease.

Creative requests

Simplify and speed up creative ideation and execution

Collaborate across marketing, creative and external teams in a single workspace.

integrations & workflows

Run your marketing process from Hive

Connect your favorite apps to Hive and automate the flow of information across your entire marketing stack.

What our customers our saying

“As a marketing-related company, the flow process of our campaigns are completely organized by Hive. We can measure productivity more specifically and are enjoying the platform as a whole.

Maselli Paiz R,
General Manager

“Keeping track of where each project is at, where we are in the timeline, when things are due, it was all a very manual, opaque process.”



Joshua T,
Senior Director

“Hive allows our team to customize our workflow. It also has several tools and features that help us individually organize and optimize our goals and plans.”


Alex S,
Operations Coordinator

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