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before the meeting

Agendas that you will actually use

Keep everyone on the same page from the start. Share a note with your meeting agenda for better team collaboration.

during the meeting

Less talking, more doing

Empower everyone on your team to contribute ideas in the note. Turn any talking point into a task. Assign tasks, set deadlines and always leave the meeting with clear next steps.

after the meeting

Carry momentum into your workday

Continue working on a project after the meeting ends. Share your note and track the progress of the team’s work. Invite external users to collaborate on the note.

Always come prepared

Store notes from recurring meetings in the same document. Keep private notes in a separate section, for your eyes only.

“We’ve been using Hive Notes regularly as an integral part of our meeting processes over the last year. We’re excited that there will be a way to use Notes in Zoom — it’ll make our meetings even more efficient.”

elizabeth fisher,
fight colorectal cancer

“Hive Notes has allowed our team to collaborate from different locations in real time; we’re able to check back over meeting notes to create and assign actionable tasks and ensure client deadlines are met in a timely manner.”

jasmine shull,
emily marketing

“The ability to use Hive Notes directly in Zoom opens up a whole new frontier for ur law firm. Hive Notes for Zoom lets use work on our existing projects when meeting as a team, and we can easily share case updates and real-time notes when meeting with clients.”

jennifer estermera,
Partner reichman jorgensen

“As a team that relies on collaboration and client communication, the Zoom and Hive Notes integration will help us save time, and help us accurately capture notes in real-time. It’s a game changer!”

Charlene coughlin,
twist creative

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