Microsoft Teams

  Hive now integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. To access the integration, first visit to log in to your Microsoft Teams account. Then, locate the Apps widget along the left-hand rail of the Teams workspace, click on it and search for ‘Hive.’ Once you click on the ‘Hive’ app, you will be prompted to


The integration allows easy sharing of Hive actions into Slack, and easy creation of Hive actions from Slack using slash commands. Once you’ve enabled the Slack integration, the Hive messaging panel will convert into a Slack one; Slack channels and DMs will show. Clicking a Channel or DM will automatically open it in Slack. To

Zoom Integration

Remote work is the new way of life for millions of people around the world — for many, we’ve entered entirely unknown territory. The question is, will people who have never before worked remote be able to transition and maintain productivity? While there are certainly benefits to working from home — you don’t have to

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