Hive’s Secret To High Adoption? Building for Real People

Why do we become fans of something or someone? Easy: we connect with them. This same principle applies to software, and in the case of Hive customers, it’s all about connecting with the platform.

Admiring your favorite singer because their music lifts your mood, or loving football because you grew up watching games and it brings back memories  — these connections are personal. Similarly, Hive customers become fans of the software because it simplifies their work. This bond isn’t by chance; as explained by Hive’s CEO, John Furneaux, the software was designed by and for people — without leaving AI and innovation behind.

Hive’s product roadmap is a proof of that. It’s designed through a democratic process where customers vote on what feature they want most, shaping the platform to meet their needs. On top of that, Furneaux’s background in customer success is another reason for the platform’s high adoption among teams.

He spent six years leading global customer success for Europe’s biggest collaboration software firm, from bustling London to sunny California. Furneaux gained insights into common challenges faced by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to industry giants like Disney and NASA. “I saw the same pattern repeat over and over – as the number of cloud tools increases, it is becoming simply impossible for people to keep track of what to do next. That means we all waste half our time working out what to do, not actually doing it,” noted Hive’s CEO and founder in a LinkedIn post.

Trying to solve this issue, Furneaux and his team built the best-in-class project management software. Today, Hive is functioning almost as like an operating system. “You can live in Hive, you don’t need to change windows. My mail is in Hive, my calendar is in Hive, my messaging is in Hive, my to-do list is in Hive,” highlights Furneaux. Additionally, Hive’s integrations with third party apps minimizes the need for constant window-switching, allowing customers to have a more seamless and efficient experience.

Even the way Hive builds its features is different.

Take Hive Notes, for example, a feature that captures free-flowing ideas in a meeting, a brainstorming session or a webinar. When building the solution, Hive’s team emphasized the user’s thought process to ensure a more intuitive user experience.

“In our own marketing team, we primarily use Hive Notes because you can embed all your next steps in there. There are many minds for whom a ticketing system is not how their brains work. And that’s the first reason why Hive gets a higher adoption amongst business teams: it reflects more closely the way that their brains work versus software engineers,” explains Furneaux.

Beyond Hive Notes, other features exemplify how the platform connects with the way people work. In its recent upgrade, Hive 2.0 introduced even more flexibility with Tabs: an easy way to customize project views. Need to track how your team is doing? Set Team View. Want a snapshot of your project progress? Set the Gantt chart view. Want to see the same project in different views? Just set them both. Want to switch it back? It will take one click. 

Hive Tabs even let you create filtered views. For example, you can set it to show you only unstarted tasks by a specific team member. One of the best parts? You can configure a private view and all different view options are available to you at one click — no need to look for different setups, everything is right there on your homescreen dashboard. 

Hive’s founder understands that “nobody likes staring at a blank piece of paper.” That’s why the software offers over 100 templates ready to use, allowing customers to start their projects quickly. Hive also has an AI-assisted project plan generator, where users can describe their goals, and Hive lays out the entire project plan.

Connection with customers is at Hive’s core, simply look at another recently upgraded feature: Hive Forms. A drag-and-drop feature enables customers to initiate projects in an automated way from external information. Within a few minutes, customers can build an intake form or survey — making it easier to get internal or external stakeholders input. Then, Hive Forms route out the data exactly where customers need to get started on a project. 

Hive’s dedication to user satisfaction goes beyond innovative features; the platform’s commitment extends further with its Adoption Guarantee policy.

Hive’s Adoption Guarantee policy offers customers a risk-free implementation of its productivity platform and accelerates their time to value. Hive guarantees that within 90 days, 100% of initial user groups will be trained and using Hive actively – or the company will refund a full three-month subscription value.

Hive’s commitment is not just a company ethos; it’s a vision brought to life by founder and CEO John Furneaux. From his experience leading global customer success to the innovative features crafted under his guidance, Hive is more than software; it’s a reflection of a visionary leader’s dedication not just about helping someone manage their work, but doing their work for them.

Ready to succeed at your projects? Try Hive today and join the #successguaranteed swarm.